World news – Rape accused of banning access to polls for smear campaign


The man accused of raping political worker Brittany Higgins had alienated so many of his former colleagues that he could no longer meet with NSW ministers when he started lobbying.

The former ministerial official, who cannot be named for legal reasons, made « several » inquiries over the past year to meet ministers while he was working for a large private company.

However, the meetings with senior officials of the ministers who rejected the applications never took place.

A parliamentary source said the reasons the man had « longstanding conflicts » with his former party colleagues « over a number of matters ».

In October 2018, the man emailed officials announcing his resignation from the party.

There is no evidence that ministers or staff were aware of the alleged rape of Ms. Higgins in March 2019.

« As an employee, he caused so much trouble that the door was closed for him when he tried to collect the favors, » the source said.

« He read up on the party, spread gossip and told lies. By the time he left the party he had few friends other than this one particular group he kept partying with, but even they have now fired him. »

The man, who checked into a private clinic, was withdrawn from the private company following the alleged rape case. His close friends and family members have had their social media accounts disabled.

It is believed that the police have not yet spoken to the man who is a dual national.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday, at the request of the AFP, urged MPs to immediately report possible crimes to the authorities.

The move comes after Secretary of Defense Linda Reynolds failed to inform him of the alleged rape in her office, a decision Mr Morrison wanted.

At the same time, Labor has questioned the plausibility of Mr Morrison and his office and only found out about the incident within the last two weeks.

Labor Secretary Michaelia Cash, who worked for Ms. Higgins after the 2019 general election, learned of the rape on February 5, but did not inform Mr. Morrison or his office.

Ms. Reynolds was discharged from Canberra Hospital on Friday after being admitted with pre-existing heart disease.


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