World news – Razer Anzu Smart Glasses is more like an open-ear headset


When people talk about smart glasses, they most likely think of something like the broken Google Glass or some other high-tech augmented reality glasses. If this is the picture you have in mind at Razer’s first ever smart glasses company, you may find yourself very disappointed. Although Razer calls the Anzu Smart Glasses, these specs are more like audio glasses with some smart features, including protecting your eyes from harmful light coming from your computers or devices.

Of course, Razer is all about gaming, so it would have been a bit characteristic to suddenly jump into real AR-enabled smart glasses. Not to mention that this market for such game accessories is very small and expensive. Instead, the Razer Anzu is joining the slow-growing audio eyewear market developed by Bose and Amazon.

The Anzu’s smarts are mostly related to its open-ear wireless audio capabilities delivered via Bluetooth 5.1 with low 60ms latency and built-in speakers. An omnidirectional microphone makes talking to teammates or your favorite intelligent assistant a breeze. All of this is discreetly hidden in the lightweight frame of the glasses and disguises the intelligent accessories as ordinary computer specs.

In addition to its stylish design, the Razer Anzu has another advantage over conventional headphones and headsets. The Anzu combines 35% blue light filter lenses and polarized 99 ^ UVA / UAB glasses and protects your eyes during those long hours with your computer or even your phone, especially when playing.

With an IPX4 protection class, the audio glasses are splash-proof enough that you can take them with you even in light rain. The Razer Anzu « Smart » glasses are available now for $ 199.99. Replacement sunglass lenses are priced at $ 29.99.


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