World news – Ricciardo reveals « injured » behind the split from Renault


Further details regarding Daniel Ricciardo’s split from former Team Renault have emerged, with the Australian revealing exactly why he has decided to keep going.

Ricciardo announced ahead of the 2020 season that he would be in his second year Renault would be his last, and signed a three-year deal with McLaren that started this year.

At the time of his departure, Renault hadn’t had a single podium since returning to the sport in 2016, despite Ricciardo later in 2020 took two third places.

Renault was fifth in the constructors’ championship in both years. Ricciardo was on the team, and the Western Australian says that was the main reason he left.

On season three of the Netflix series Drive to Survive, the 31-year-old revealed the question he was asking himself, and the one The answer was anchored in his fate.

« Can I win with all the cars? It still hurts to say that (but) the reality is no, » he said.

Ricciardo’s decision before the start of the Signing the 2020 season for McLaren had even led to friction with team principal Cyril Abiteboul, with the two practically ignoring each other in one scene.

« Each and every one of us at Renault focuses on the stability of the team. We concentrate all on the performance this season, « Abiteboul says at the beginning of the episode.

 » We have to be able to get on the podium and then fight for wins and then championships – but Daniel has an end to all of that set. « 

Horner was able to symp with Abiteboul athize after Ricciardo announced his resignation from Red Bull in the middle of the 2018 season.

« It’s probably a bit like being dumped by a friend, but she hasn’t moved out of the house yet, » said Horner.

« It must be an odd dynamic for Cyril, who knows he’s going to his biggest competitor throughout the season. It’s tough.

« Of course you chose this person because they left you. Cyril undoubtedly took this very personally. »

« What hurts the most is that it’s not the long-term Project we signed up for. « 

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