World news – Rockies can use the Giancarlo Stanton model to trade in Nolan Arenado: Sherman


The Rockies have teamed up again with the Cardinals to treat the Star Third Baseman, as Ken Rosenthal first reported on The Athletic.

There are so many hurdles to this type of deal going through The financial uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will be compounded. Among other things, this has resulted in NL Central being in a group-wide talent dump, in which players like Josh Bell, Yu Darvish, Raisel Iglesias, Jon Lester, Joe Musgrove, Jose Quintana, Kyle Schwarber, Jameson Taillon and probably also At some point Trevor Bauer left the company. On Thursday, the Cardinals agreed to keep Adam Wainwright for a one-year pact worth $ 8 million. Doesn’t sound like much. But right now it was four times more than the rest of the division put together on free hand before Joc Pederson reached a deal with the Cubs on Friday for a year and around $ 5 million.

So St. Louis can decide , why, if the rest of the division is on the decline, why take the long term risk on Arenado? The division could be won without him.

But let’s pretend we’re in a time when the teams really wanted to improve. In this scenario, there is a blueprint for this type of trade that the Cardinals and the agent of Arenado are familiar with.

Joel Wolfe is the agent for Arenado and Stanton. After the 2017 season, the Cardinals had negotiated a deal with the Marlins for Stanton, which relied on his no-trade clause. Stanton’s preference was to come to his hometown of Dodgers, but he was good with the Yankees. Arenado would love to come to his hometown of Dodgers too, but he’d be fine with the Cardinals.

Stanton signed a 13-year $ 325 million deal with the team that designed it in the second round ( Marlins). Arenado signed an eight-year deal worth $ 260 million with the team that designed it in the second round (Rockies). Both linked up long-term with the franchise, which promised to spend it to attract the now highly paid stars. But both were smart enough to know that this wasn’t the history of the organization. So no one could be surprised if this was not the case. However, despite the history of the franchise, players couldn’t turn down this type of guaranteed money. So those deals felt like an NBA situation where the star takes the guaranteed money and then hustles out of town when frustrated by the organization (did you notice James Harden in Brooklyn, for example?).

Stanton had 10 years and $ 295 million to spare. The Marlins wanted to cut as much of his salary as possible. So they agreed to take on the remaining two years with $ 22 million for Starlin Castro, to eat $ 30 million if Stanton did not opt ​​out after the 2020 campaign, and to grant two lottery ticket prospects who were far from the majors.

Overall, the Americans saved $ 52 million. The equivalent would be that the Cardinals would save about $ 35 million over the six years while leaving $ 199 million on Arenado. This is of course just a guide. Stanton had one MVP season behind him but had less defensive value and 10 years left. Arenado will play at 30 in 2021 but has had its worst season and a shoulder injury. However, he remains one of the best defensive third basemen of all time, finishing in the top 8 for NL MVP from 2015 to 2019.

The Cardinals have many Castro-like contracts to level off. Miles Mikolas (three years at $ 47.25 million), Matt Carpenter (one year, $ 20.5 million) and Dexter Fowler (one year, $ 14.5 million) all have no-trade clauses which they would have to do without. Carlos Martinez (one year, $ 12 million) and Andrew Miller (one year, $ 12 million) do not, but would receive a $ 1 million referral bonus. Any of these elements, individually or in conjunction, would pay off Arenado.

In theory, the Rockies could do what the Red Sox just did by taking over most of Adam Ottavino’s contract to gain access to potential Frank German to obtain. Colorado can take back more contracts or eat more dollars to get access to better prospects. For example, the Cardinals can build a trade around one of the better prospects for the third base in the game, also coincidentally with the first name Nolan – Nolan Gorman.

Arenado can opt out after the 2021 season but would likely push that back to to facilitate a trade. In this case, as with Stanton, the Rockies can agree to eat part of the business if the opt-out is not triggered.

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