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Lifetime starts its epic V.C. Andrews film event series with Ruby on March 20th. Raechelle Banno plays Ruby Landry, who is forced to flee Louisiana Bayou to New Orleans after dark family secrets are revealed and her beloved grandmother dies. In New Orleans, Ruby crosses paths with her twin sister Giselle, who is actually played by Raechelle’s real twin Karina Banno. Raechelle ONLY explained to HollywoodLife how her sister became her co-star.

« We have a separate proxy, but the audition came through and it sort of went like this, do you two want to give it a try? » And we thought why not? « Raechelle told HollywoodLife. » We love working together and it was a really cool experience. It was a strange auditioning path because there is usually only one person on screen but we were both auditioning together figured it out, and it was really fun putting something together and then it all came together very quickly. It seemed like it was meant to be. « 

Raechelle admitted that working with her sister was an » absolute blessing  » The scene where Ruby and Giselle meet was actually filmed on the first day of shooting. « I was really carried away, like, wow, look at her. I’m just so proud of her, » enthused Raechelle. « Karina is amazing in these films. She really steals the show and I was just so proud to work for her. So many people have had the pleasure to work with Karina. She is so hardworking and so engaging and electrifying. I had this Pleasure to be across from that. I’ve only had this a few times in my life so to do it for it … It has a very special place in my heart. « 

Raechelle also revealed her connection with VC Andrews began, when she auditioned for the film Petals on the Wind in 2014. “I was aware of my cute Audrina, but I wasn’t familiar with Ruby.” When she got the role of Ruby, Raechelle admitted that she “searched online for copies of the Found books, real ’90s versions of them, and just ripped them through. It was really cool. « 

Playing Ruby was a » special project « for Raechelle in several ways. « This was a very special project for me in the sense that it gave me a new way to prepare as this source material is all told from Ruby’s point of view, » said the actress. « I could read the books and understand not only what she was doing, but also how she felt about people, even if she didn’t tell people. I could then incorporate that into my preparation, and I’ve never done that before I went into it with a really solid understanding of Ruby’s perspective on her experiences and the people she had crossed over in the story. It was my first time not having to incorporate an internal monologue. It was kind of given to me, which is rare. « 

Raechelle announced that fans will be pleased whether or not Lifetime’s Landry films stay true to the source material. » I think under certain circumstances, I’m really proud to have us here and there turned slightly to the left, « said Raechelle. » We’re pretty sex positive in these films, unlike Ruby in the books, who pretty much doubts her sexuality. I found it pretty positive that she enjoys exploring her sexuality, even if it’s just romance or friendship with the opposite sex or something. So there were tiny little things, but that’s more inside than outside. Otherwise we stay true to the plot. “Ruby premiered March 20th at 8pm for life.

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