World news – Rutgers gives up a big lead and loses the heartbreaker against Houston in the last few seconds


Rutgers turned the ball for the second time in the last 31 seconds. Geo Baker lost the ball and Rutgers was forced to tarnish Marcus Sasser, who both made free throws to put Houston 63-60 ahead. Ron Harper Jr. missed a game-winning 3-point try from the front of the edge.

Rutgers was beaten 23-10 over the 9:08 final. Houston scored the last seven points of the game.

Quentin Grimes scored 13 of his 22 strong game points in the second half and finished Houston with 5 of 9 points from the 3-point range.

Geo Baker missed a ride and Myles Johnson couldn’t drop the putback. Caleb McConnell has committed a foul in the opposite direction and Quentin Grimes has made 1 of 2 free throws.

Jacob Young turned the ball around 31 seconds ahead, DeJon Jarreau missed a jumper who was out of balance. Tramon Mark got the putback to drop and fouled for a three-point play to give Houston his first lead of the half, 61-60.

Houston reduced it to two points, 58-56, on one 3 hands by Quentin Grimes. Grimes was fouled inside but missed both free throws. On the second miss, he got his own ricochet and then knocked down the 3. Geo Baker responded with a layup and DeJon Jarreau made 1 of 2 free throws to make it a one-ball game, 60-57.

DeJon Jarreau showed grit the whole game and brought Houston to five points. The senior of the Cougars has shown grit the entire game and has come back into the game after injuring his hip again. He hit a 3-pointer and then dove in for a defensive rebound and called a timeout with 3:43 remaining.

Myles Johnson muscled in with a drop-step and finished the game with his left hand to Rutgers ‘Increase advantage to 58-49.

Fabian White Jr. keeps Houston’s comeback hopes alive, but Rutgers leads 7:56 after 52-45.

Jacob Young hit a jumper, Cliff Omoruyi absorbed made contact and made an unbalanced layup. Ron Harper Jr. chose a 3-pointer start and brought the Scarlet Knights left to 50-40 with 10:57.

Jacob Young plays for @RutgersMBB and his father, Michael Young, a former Houston player, is for that!

Jacob Young and Geo Baker hit 3 points less than a minute apart, giving Rutgers the biggest pillow of the game with 43:35.

Houston’s DeJon Jarreau fell hard on a screen, exacerbating a hip injury. He was tended to the ground by a coach and left the game.

The offense intensified at the beginning of half-time. DeJon Jarreau scored the first three points to give Houston a brief one-point lead, but Geo Baker responded with a layup for the change in leadership. Paul Mulcahy knocked down a 3 to give Rutgers the lead 35-33.

Rutgers stuck defensively and was three points ahead at halftime. Montez Mathis has 10 points to lead the Scarlet Knights.

Houston is shooting 36.7% of the field and has only attempted two free throws.

Cliff Omoruyi slammed a house and DeJon Jarreau made a 3-pointer to give Rutgers a 25-24 lead. Jacob Young gave Rutgers a three point lead, but Houston’s Quentin Grimes responded with a 3 to knot it at 27.

At 18, Montez Mathis buried a 3-pointer from the left corner to the game. Rutgers took his first lead, 20-18, when he passed Caleb McConnell.

Rutgers took the lead in Houston with a 5-0 run. Geo Baker layup to start the sprint and his free throw in the middle of the half brought the Scarlet Knights to two, 16-14.

Montez Mathis layup to reduce Rutgers’ deficit to two, but Quentin Grimes hit from beyond the arc and another takeover from Rutgers caused a slump at the other end.

DeJon Jarreau made a knight on Houston’s first possession and Quentin Grimes hit a 3-pointer to give Houston 5-0 to put him in the lead.

Geo Baker made two free throws to get Rutgers on the board. Jarreau knocked down a knight to give Houston a 7-2 lead.

Ron Harper Jr. made a 3 for Rutgers, who missed his first six field attempts to start the game. The Scarlet Knights made three turnovers in the first five minutes.

Point guard DeJon Jarreau injured his hip just 41 seconds after Houston’s 87:56 win over 15th seeded Cleveland State on Friday. Jarreau averages 11 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game.

Rutgers: Geo Baker (Sr., G, 6-4. 10.1 ppg, 3.0 apg); Jacob Young (Sr., G, 6-2.14.4 ppg 3.5 apg.); Paul Mulcahy (So., G, 6-7, 5.8 ppg, 3.3 rpg); Ron Harper Jr. (Jr., F, 6-6, 15.4 ppg, 5.9 rpg); Myles Johnson (Jr., C, 6-11, 8.3 ppg, 8.7 rpg).

Houston: DeJon Jarreau (Sr., G, 6-5, 11.0 ppg, 4.4 apg ); Quentin Grimes (Jr., G, 6-5, 18.0 ppg, 6.0 rpg); Marcus Sasser (Sun., G, 6-1, 13.7 ppg, 2.3 apg); Justin Gorham (Sr., F, 6-7, 8.6 ppg, 9.0 rpg); Reggie Chaney (Jr., F, 6-8, 4.9 ppg, 2.8 rpg).

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