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Civil servants will save hundreds of man-hours each year as the Palaszczuk government streamlines the way the state’s fees and charges are calculated.

Treasurer Cameron Dick is expected to introduce new laws this week aimed at generating savings within the government. Total debt is expected to increase significantly in the coming years after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The laws will include the introduction of a new « unit fee model » that will streamline the annual fee adjustment process across the government.

The new procedure applies to fees such as license renewal and boating license fees and the non-CTP component of vehicle registration invoices.

Just as penalty units apply to fines, fee units are now set for government fees. This allows for easy annual indexing of the unit of charge instead of a lengthy process of changing regulations.

This means that the agencies can avoid changing hundreds of pages of regulations each year as they increase their various fees and charges.

The current process requires the Queensland Parliamentary Attorney’s office to take more than 800 hours each year to prepare the required regulations.

Mr Dick said the current penal unit model works « efficiently » so it makes sense to apply the same approach to government charges.

« This change means officials can go on with the vital work of helping Queenslanders each year rather than recalibrating a large number of fees in a complex and arduous process, » the treasurer said.

The new procedure will come into force on July 1, 2022. All affected agencies will begin reporting their fees and charges as a unit of fees, rather than a dollar amount, starting January 1 of next year.


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