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World news – Seven delays in naming Sam’s replacement

Media reports indicated that Armytage’s replacement would be announced this week, but news.com.au believes it won’t.

A Channel 7 spokesperson told news.com.au, « This week is all about saying goodbye to Sam and celebrating her best on-air moments in eight years. »

Natalie Barr will host Sunrise on Friday (as always) with David ‘Kochie’ Koch (who is usually replaced by Matt Doran on Fridays).

Barr, who has been part of the Sunrise family for more than 15 years, currently prefers to move into Armytage’s chair.

« Natalie Barr is very popular with Sunrise audiences and logic suggests she inherits the role naturally, » David Knox, editor of TV Tonight, told news.com.au. « This would cause as little disruption as possible, which is a big consideration, but none of this should affect your steady hand and commitment.

« She’s shown how well she can work with Kochie and at this point in his career you would be interested in anyone who would keep him there longer.

However, there is a chance Barr is concerned about taking on the big role, suggested Knox.

« Nat knows breakfast TV puts you in the crosshairs of click-bait and social media, especially after seeing some of the headlines Sam has attracted over the past 12 months and which she largely avoided as a newscaster, » he said versus news. com.au.

Barr is currently the Sunrise newscaster, and according to The Australian, Seven’s internal research shows she is one of the most popular breakfast television personalities in Australia.

A Seven executive told the Sydney Morning Herald, « We have a very strong stable of female talent at Sunrise, so it would make sense to advertise internally. »

« Monique Wright would also be a strong competitor if she had moderated Weekend Sunrise so well since 2013, » Knox told news.com.au. « But, like Kylie Gillies, does it piss other shows to move those that clearly work so well? »

Sonia Kruger: She’s the host of Holey Moley, Big Brother, and The Voice, but don’t expect to see Kruger at sunrise. Kruger spoke to news.com.au in January and said she wouldn’t accept the gig if offered.

« You know what? No, » she said. « I mean, look, you never say never, but the thing is, I think I live better at night. »

Kruger continued, « There’s a school of thought in the US and there are a couple of books that have been written about it: People who work in the morning generally don’t work at night, and vice versa. I don’t know why that is, I think that Audiences just get used to seeing you in their living room in the morning or they get used to seeing you in their living room at night.

« I just think my place in people’s common rooms is probably after 8 p.m., » she told news.com.au.

Sarah Harris: The Studio 10 co-host has a rich TV experience at breakfast and is popular with viewers. However, News.com.au expects she will be under contract with Ten at least until the end of the year.

A spokesman for Ten also told news.com.au, « We can understand why Sunrise might want to catch her. But rest assured, she’s not going anywhere. »

Melissa Doyle: After Armytage’s resignation in the air, social media users immediately began to speculate on whether Doyle could return to the job she was booted from in 2013.

When Doyle spoke to Novas Fitzy and Wippa about the speculation, he said, « The way I see it, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I was going to get this rich this week! »

« Melissa Doyle appears to be a freelance agent, » he told news.com.au. « A Kerry Stokes favorite, but likely an outside chance. »


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