World news – Shep Rose courts his passionate « affair » with Kathryn Dennis and admits that girlfriend Taylor was not satisfied with Kathryn’s excerpt, says Southern Charm costar Craig will likely be « pissed » after reading it


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Shep Rose admits his new book may not be a pleasant read for everyone. This is especially true of some of his Southern Charm co-stars, who talk about his passionate « affair » with Kathryn Dennis.

While promoting his new treatise « Average Expectations: Lessons to Lower the Bar, » Shep explains, that he was as open and honest as he could be in the book. However, some of those closest to the star may not value his honesty that much.

« Craig [Conover] is likely going to be pissed off or something, » Shep, 41, told Heavy. “But it won’t last because he won’t stay pissed off, and neither will I.”

The Hilton Head native announced that he now adores Craig, but he had to include some of the sketchy things the founder of Sewing Down South had done in previous seasons, such as lying about law school graduation.

« But yeah, I think he’s come a long way and he’s going to deny some of the previous violations earlier on the show but he can’t, we all know the truth, « laughed Shep. « But he’s come a long way and I’m very happy and proud for him … I think there is a healthy respect; there wasn’t always, but there is now. »

Craig isn’t the only co-star Shep mentions in the book, as he also wrote about his affair with Kathryn.

« Without giving too much away, I had a wonderful time with Kathryn during our brief affair, » he wrote according to Us Weekly. “I remember reading her my favorite passages of books on my couch, and I remember she wrote me a four-page note and left it on my coffee table one morning. The note was so beautiful and raw and real that I still feel warm and fuzzy to this day. I also remember tearing off each other’s clothes … Oh, wait, I said I’m not going to give too much away. She was lovely and I think I had a calming influence on her and maybe I still have. « 

Although he didn’t go into great detail about their short-lived romance, Shep revealed that his friend Taylor Green wasn’t too happy with this excerpt from the book she read one night after a » wine-filled dinner « . </ "I thought I was respectful, but she didn't like it," he admitted, adding, "She's shy about her desire to read the book, but I keep her case open all the time. I say, “Taylor, all of these things happened a long time ago,” and she says, “I know, I know, it's just hard to read.” I said, “I get that, I get that.” I hope that she reads it and any frustrations or whatever you get out of her system and keep sailing. ”Regarding his family – especially his parents – the 41-year-old said he was a little worried that they would be something about his hard partying days and past drug use, but it turned out they were mostly just pissed off lz on how far he's come.

“Mom and Dad really liked it. You sent me a very nice message separately that meant a lot to me, ”he enthused. « I’m very happy about it because I was afraid of it. »

« Don’t be afraid, » he continued to clarify. “Just like okay, at certain moments in the book, you know if it’s drug use or this or that or madness, I said, ‘Oh, they won’t like this,’ but they’re not idiots, you know ? They know I lived a wild life and part of their message to me was, « I’m so glad I didn’t know the details because I probably would have had a heart attack. » In fact, the star shared exactly the messages his parents sent him on Instagram in February. In part of his mother’s message, she wrote: « Papa [and] thank you [and] am amazed that you are still alive. »

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