World news – Simpsons predicts new political scandal


The 32-year-old animated series has once again shocked fans and thrilled online meme-makers because a decades-old scene accurately predicted a modern news event – this time, US Senator Ted Cruz’s embarrassing trip to Cancun.

A 1993 episode of the Fox Show titled « Marge in Chains » featured a scene where Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby broadcast a press conference to inform his comic book citizens of a pandemic ravaging the hometown of the Simpson clan.

However, when the Kennedy-sounding Quimby sends his message to voters, it is revealed that he is actually standing in a bathing suit on a Caribbean beach and only standing in front of an office while only wearing the top half of his suit.

Similarly, Cruz was asked to make a statement claiming he flew to Cancun, Mexico this week to oversee his family, but intended to return to Texas immediately – where nearly 300,000 Texans throughout the story Snow and ice storms were without electricity for several days this month.

« Certainly this has been said, but not leaving your constituents for a tropical vacation is such a weirdly low bar it’s literally a Simpsons gag, » wrote podcaster Jesse Brenneman.

This is hardly the first time the show has demonstrated an uncanny ability to predict future events.

Most recently, it was Vice President Kamala Harris’s eggplant suit, worn during the President’s inauguration on January 20, that reminded viewers of the time when Lisa Simpson, who also wore a purple threesome, became the first woman President of the United States in an episode that aired over 20 years ago.

The same episode also spawned an early harbinger of Donald Trump’s presidency, with President Lisa Simpson complaining that she « inherited President Trump’s budget crisis ».

This article was originally published in the New York Post and reproduced with permission.


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