World news – Some parts of Australia report natural disasters caused by flooding « every 100 years ».


It has been raining in local communities since Thursday, but parts of the east coast were flooded by a large dam on Saturday, causing rivers to swell and flash floods to occur.

The State of New South Wales and the Federal Government have signed 16 notifications of natural disasters along the central and north mid coast from Hunter Valley near Sydney to Coffs Harbor, South Emergency Officer Secretary of Service David Elliott said at a news conference. . Sunday.

No deaths have been reported so far – but Elliott warned, “We are nearing an inevitable death.”

“We cannot say enough: don’t put yourself at risk and don’t risk the agencies there helping you with the flood relief. « 

Some families have had to evacuate by midnight as rivers reach dangerous levels, and according to a press conference by Prime Minister Gladys Brigillian, up to 4,000 could be evacuated on Sunday, mainly in the Hawksbury area .

« It’s like what we’ve seen since the 1960s, » said Brigilian. In some parts of the badly affected state, this is an event that only happens once a century. In other areas such as Hawksbury, « there has been an event in 50 years, » he said.

As of Thursday, the State Rescue Service (SES) has responded to more than 7,000 calls for help and carried out more than 750 rescue operations in the event of a flood. Thousands of rescuers and volunteers are still on the scene to help the prisoners.

Perkillian urged residents to follow local guidelines, block roads and respond to evacuation orders if necessary – even those in risk of flooding Areas living may have experienced floods in the past. « It’s different, » he warned. “What we do is different from what I’ve seen over the past 50 years. So take this seriously. “

The authorities don’t yet know how many homes or infrastructure have been lost, but » the damage is significant, « he said.

Elliott said the announcement of a natural disaster could spread to the coast if the damage increased. Advertising helps victims get financial assistance, including compensation for house damage, subsidies for damaged livestock or agriculture, and low or interest rate loans.

Heavy rain is expected to continue next week, with a rain wave across the western state taking will bring heavy rain to the northern interior and northwestern slopes, said Agatha Imelska of the Meteorological Office. In the worst hit areas, the March average in two days can be more than double what it was in March.

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