World news – Spring breakers are flocking to South Florida while some residents worry about another spike in Covid-19


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Spring breakers flock to South Florida as some residents worry about another spike in Covid-19
Miami Beach imposes a curfew on Covid to contain the chaos in the spring break
>> Miami Beach declares a state of emergency and the curfew as crowds in the spring break raise safety concerns
– <a href = "/? s = Miami Beach until spring break: No more nightly parties . "Miami Beach through Spring Break: No More Nighttime Parties.
>> The Miami Beach Police are breaking up crowds of spring breakers who are breaking a new curfew.
Miami Beach imposes spring break curfew amid crowds and concerns for Covid -19
Miami Beach Spring Breakers Party After curfew, police use pepper balls
Miami Beach entertainment district under new 8pm curfew
Miami Beach curfew imposed after disregarding COVID-19 security protocols
>> Miami Beach declares the end state and curfew as safety concerns in spring break concerns


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