World news – Sri Lanka announces plans to ban burqa and close over 1,000 Islamic schools


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SRI LANKA HAS announced plans to ban the wearing of burqas and said it would close more than 1,000 Islamic schools known as madrassas, citing national security.

The Minister of Public Country Security, Sarath Weerasekara, said yesterday he signed a paper asking for cabinet ministerial approval to ban burqas – outerwear that covers the body and face of some Muslim women.

« The Burqa has a direct impact on national security, « Weerasekara said at a ceremony in a Buddhist temple today, without going into detail.

 » In our early days we had many Muslim friends, but Muslim women and girls never wore them Burqa, « Weerasekara said, according to video footage sent by his ministry.

Burqas were stopped in 2019 after the Easter Sunday bombings on churches and Ho tels in Sri Lanka, which killed more than 260 people, were temporarily banned.

Two local Muslim groups who had signed up to the Islamic state group were held responsible for the attacks in six locations – two Roman Catholic churches , a Protestant church and three top hotels.

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Weerasekara also said that the government will ban more than 1,000 madrassas because they are not registered with the authorities and do not follow national education policies.

The decision to ban burqas and madrassas is the latest move , which affects the minority Muslims of the island states in the Indian Ocean.

Muslims make up about 9% of the 22 million people in Sri Lanka, where Buddhists make up more than 70% of the population.

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