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Eoghan Moloney

Stillbirth and maternal mortality rates rose by a third during the Covid-19 pandemic, a report in the Lancet Medical Journal showed.

Pregnant women and their babies have been shown to suffer worse Results than before the pandemic, with results being worse in low- and middle-income countries. This comes from the report, which combined data from 40 studies in 17 different countries.

Last month, HSE officials announced that four stillbirths in Ireland were in the third wave of infections from Covid placentitis, an inflammatory disease, The increase in stillbirths and maternal deaths may be caused by the stress health systems have been operating under for the past year, while some studies in the report showed that in some cases, pregnant women were less cared for for fear of infection needed.

« The Covid-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on health systems, » said Professor Asma Khalil, who co-led the research at St. George’s University of London.

« The disorder … has resulted in preventable maternal and baby deaths, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. « 

The review found that the risk of stillbirth and d The overall increase in maternal deaths during the pandemic has increased and that the impact on poorer countries has been disproportionate.

Analysis, which included studies from developed and developing countries around the world, also found that the pandemic is having a significant impact on maternal mental health

Of the 10 included studies reporting on maternal mental health, six found increases in postnatal depression, maternal anxiety, or both.

The results highlighted worrying differences in the Healthcare, said Jogender Kumar of the Postgraduate Institute for Medical Education and Research in India.

« In resource-poor countries, even under normal circumstances, it is a challenge to have adequate coverage for antenatal examinations, obstetric emergencies, universal institutional deliveries and respectful Ensure maternity care, « he wrote in a comment. « The Covid-19 pandemic has widened this gap. »

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