World news – Taylor Ward Homer triples Angels’ loss to Rangers


THE GAME: Taylor Ward celebrated the Angels 6-4 defeat against Texas Rangers in a Cactus League game on Tuesday afternoon at Surprise Stadium.

PITCHING REPORT: Left-handed Andrew Heaney gave up five runs in 4-2 / ​​3 innings for 97 pitches. In the first inning, he allowed two infield singles and then a double with two runs. The Rangers hit him harder in the fourth and fifth, including a homer from Adolis Garcia. Heaney hit six and went one. Heaney has allowed 10 earned runs in 14-1 / 3 innings (6.28) with 16 strikeouts this spring. Heaney said he felt like he was getting the feel of his ball breaking in the fifth inning and he tried to persuade manager Joe Maddon to keep him in play but Maddon had already signaled for the bullpen. « I just felt like the last inning where I got a better feel for the things I was trying to do, » Heaney said. « I don’t know why it took me 80 spaces to get this feeling, but it felt good. » … Left handed Alex Claudio gave up a run in 1-1 / 3 innings. It was the first time this spring that he stayed longer than three outs.

HIT REPORT: Ward hit a homer to right midfield, his second homer of spring. Ward also tripled into right field and drove in two runs. Ward, who likely won’t be attending opening day, is 8 for 22 (.364) with five walks this spring. « He’s made a lot of adjustments, » said Maddon. « He’s trying to get rid of the swing he’s leaning back on and trying to lift everything up. He’s now learned how to get the ball up in the air properly. Everything about his game has gotten better. » … Shohei Ohtani hit a single left field. Ohtani, who is 15 for 25 (.600) this spring, has put almost all of his hits in the center and left. It was a good attack for Ohtani after scoring a goal in his first attack and saving from the box as in his fights last season. On his next trip, he hit a flyout to the warning lane on the left. … Jared Walsh tore a double pack into the right field. It was Walsh’s first extra base hit of the spring. It’s 7 for 33 (.212).

DEFENSE REPORT: Second baseman Jose Rojas made a good impression from a pop-up towards the right field line. Rojas has finished runner-up in four of the last five games he has appeared in. This could be a sign that the Angels are seriously considering keeping him as a replacement infielder in place of Luis Rengifo. … Shortstop Jeremiah Jackson stabbed a one-hopper on his backhand side and then hit a throw first, but Walsh took him out first. Jackson also bobbed a hard floor ball that hit him directly. … Midfielder Jordyn Adams jumped the fence.

UP NEXT: Angels vs. Royals, Wednesday at 1 p.m. PT, Tempe Diablo Stadium, Fox Sports West, 8:30 a.m.
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