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World news – The COVID conspiracy theorist Topless Dancer moves into the monastery

The topless dancer COVID conspiracy theorist Eve Black moved to a monastery with nuns in order to “get closer to God”.

COVID conspiracy theorist Eve Black has gone through a dramatic shift and lives in an Orthodox Christian monastery to be « closer to God ».

Ms. Black, real name Eugenia Limberiou, fell into disgrace last July when she filmed herself driving through one of the coronavirus roadblocks in Melbourne.

The footage went viral and days later, the 28-year-old was dramatically arrested by police who punched through her car window in Carlton.

In the days following her arrest, it was also revealed that Ms. Black had worked as a topless waitress and dancer in Melbourne.

Since then, Ms. Black has been on a religious journey to get closer to God and « re-learn femininity ».

In a series of posts on Instagram, she revealed that she lives in a convent with nuns.

« I was in an Orthodox monastery. It’s super quiet … I feel very calm, » she said.

« I wanted to spend some time being closer to God and being away from the world and spending time with some wonderful sisters. Nuns are actually very cool. »

On Wednesday, she posted a picture of herself in a long, loose fitting dress, scarf, and a cross necklace. To dress modestly means to honor God.

« Things that once felt humble don’t work anymore. I’m not saying I will never wear something suitable again … but since my stay at the monastery I definitely feel that I want to continue to honor God by mine don’t accentuate curves so much, « she wrote.

Ms. Black also presented to her 3000 followers whether people with unnaturally colored hair « are more prone to degeneration ».

Ms. Black faces numerous charges, including traffic offenses, failure to present her license, not giving her name and address, and violating the Chief Health Officer’s guidelines.


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