World news – The exhilarating bold & gorgeous rumor making the rounds – and why we doubt it’s true


In the last few weeks, The Bold and the Beautifuls Thomas has reinvented himself. When the designer found out pretty quickly that something was wrong with his good pal Vinny, he stubbornly pursued the truth and discovered the actual paternity of Steffy’s baby.

Conveniently, he then had to be the one to tell Hope that her husband was While he was still a liar and a cheat, he actually didn’t have a second child with his favorite ex. And just like that, Thomas went from heel to hero. (Emma who?)

Even if it didn’t make sense (which frankly still doesn’t) Hope told anyone who would listen that Thomas was a changed man. So it is likely that if their marriage continues to collapse, she will likely be attracted like a moth to a flame … this is where the rumor comes in that we mentioned earlier.

The moment the news came Tongues waved that Days of Our Lives would lose Linsey Godfrey (Sarah) that the popular actress would soon be resuming her role as The Bold and the Beautiful’s Caroline. On the internet, this sparked several variations on this basic conversation:

To be fair, both parties are correct in this particular discussion. However, we’re going to side with tweeter # 1 in this scenario for one simple reason: this particular soap doesn’t actually tell stories of the dead like some soaps (including the one Godfrey is about to leave)) do.

While both General Hospital and the days of our lives are full of zombies, the people on Bold & Beautiful rarely scratch their way out of prematurely dug graves. It’s not impossible – as previous returns like Taylor, Ridge, and Macy show – but it seems unlikely.

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Even so, it’s not too difficult to come up with a scenario in which Caroline could be resuscitated since she died off-screen. But what do you think Bold & beautiful fans? Would you like to see Godfrey’s touching Caroline back on screen? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below and check out this gallery with other Los Angeles former locals we’d love to have on the show again.

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