World news – The heartbreaking reaction of Kate Garraway’s husband when she promises things will get better


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Emotional Kate admits in a documentary: « Derek is the sickest person the medical team has treated this year. » The Good Morning British star also shares her fears for her 53-year-old husband’s future as he fights Covid for a long time from his bed in the intensive care unit. Kate, also 53, said in a trailer for the program: « Will he be able to come back or will he be alive but not who he was anymore? »

It shows photos from the couple’s wedding in 2005 before the screen goes blank and the message says, « A year later, Derek is still in the hospital. » Derek, who is the country’s longest-surviving Covid patient and has lost the eighth, no longer tests positive for the virus.

But it has « ravaged » his body, Kate said, and left him with several health problems like Left diabetes and holes in the heart and lungs.

Kate has been providing information on her husband’s Covid battle over the past year and has taken time off to visit him.

When she returned to the studios she had to struggle emotionally to keep going. She admits that she fears what her husband’s life will be like if he can leave the hospital.

Doctors have told her that he may be « locked up » – able to see and think, himself but didn’t move.

Kate said, « The worst moment was when they said he could be locked up forever. And I just thought this was a horror story.

 » I don’t know if he was will ever have a life again. We just don’t know. « 

Derek, a former Labor Party advisor, was hospitalized last March after contracting coronavirus. A month later, before he woke up in July, he was in brought a medically induced coma.

But the virus had devastated his entire body, causing kidney failure, liver and pancreas damage.

On more than one occasion his heart stopped beating, he was fighting bacterial pneumonia and battled multiple infections that poked holes in his lungs. Kate, who shares children Darcey, 15, and William, 11 with her 15-year-old husband, admitted it was shocking to admit his current condition, including his dramatic weight loss See.

She revealed that the hospital told her multiple times, « Prepare yourself, he is going to die. »

During one incident, the TV host was told, « He may have died » and « jema. » nd will call you back « . Then she called the hospital countless hours to get a futile answer. As she got through, she discovered that someone with a similar name had died.

But things turned out to be worse than Kate had to learn to accept the possibility that Derek could be frozen indefinitely between life and death.

When asked what this would look like, she was told that lifting a hairbrush was an example of « sensible recovery ».

The popular host tried to understand her husband’s condition and said, he was in an « ocean of unconsciousness » and rarely climbed up to catch a breath.

When she pretended to forget her accountant’s name, Derek was able to fill in the blank and say it. He also mouthed the word « pain » in a heartbreaking way in October.

He was able to breathe naturally and swallow his own saliva all day, despite being fed from a tube through the stomach. He also no longer needed kidney dialysis and had managed to increase his movement on one side so that he could move his glasses on his nose.

He was even able to recognize some faces and add snippets to the conversations before he sank back into the deep waters of his subconscious.

Kate, who calls him on video, is still not allowed to visit him in person due to coronavirus restrictions.

She said she tried to raise his hopes by promising things would get better – but tragically his answer was, « How? » The documentary titled Finding Derek shows Kate giving an « unwavering report » over the past 12 months.

In the one-off film, she will talk about the effects of Covid-19 on her children and meet survivors of the disease .

Last night, an ITV spokesperson said, « Kate offers an unwavering account of the profound impact on her family and others when she opens up on camera.

 » While Kate is baring in the movie, looks Her family, along with many others who have suffered the effects of the virus, now face the reality of adjusting to a very different way of life than they did before the pandemic. « 

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