World news – The mysterious light show over Seattle was likely a wreckage from the SpaceX rocket


DID YOU SEE THAT? I’ve never seen anything so incredible in my life. I am in awe. Just happened over Portland about 10 minutes ago. # LiveOnK2

A mysterious light show that lit up the skies over parts of the Pacific Northwest on Thursday evening was likely the remains of a SpaceX rocket that entered the Earth’s atmosphere, the authorities said / p> The stream of light, resembling a meteor shower, grazed parts of Oregon and Washington State at around 9 p.m., intriguing witnesses and causing confusion as to its origin.

« Shooting stars? Debris? Has anyone seen this in Seattle? « Wrote Twitter user Fred Lu with a video of the passing debris.

The Seattle Weather Service office announced on Twitter that the light show appeared to be debris from the second stage of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that couldn’t get back into the earth’s atmosphere after launch on March 4th.

« Here is the unofficial information we have so far. The widespread bright objects in the sky were the debris from a 2nd stage of the Falcon 9 missile that did not have a Deorbit fire, ”they wrote. added the weather agency.

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