World news – The new COVID rules for 3.8 million people protecting in England as of today


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Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed that vulnerable groups in England no longer need to screen at home.

As lockdown rules continue to weaken in England, 3.8 million people told to screen will now have more freedom.

The new rules, starting today (April 1st), will allow extremely clinically vulnerable groups to meet up with five other people outdoors.

Those most at risk of coronavirus can go back to the stores and work when they cannot work from home.

However, the government has warned that clinically vulnerable people should continue to be extra careful to protect themselves.

In a letter to those affected, they were told to keep social contact as low as possible.

« Until the rules for social distancing are further relaxed, it is important that you keep the number of social in Keep the actions you have to a minimum, ”it continues. “Try to reduce the time you spend in environments where you are unable to maintain social distance. « 

People at risk should continue to use online shopping services, with priority access to supermarket delivery points until June 21st.

Despite the easing of restrictions, the government is advising to try from home if possible The letter says: « Everyone is advised to continue working from home if possible. However, if you cannot work from home, you should go to your workplace now. » As of April 1st, Shielders will no longer be able to claim Statutory Sickness Benefit (SSP) or Unemployment Benefit (ESA) unless they are unable to work.

While the shield in England and Wales has ended, plans for Scotland and Northern Ireland have not yet been finalized.

Shadow Minister for Disabled People, Vicky Foxcroft, said, “Those who screened will have mixed feelings towards the end of this period – some will be relieved that it ended while others will understandably be concerned.

« The government must do everything possible to reassure the vulnerable that it is safe to end the screen.

 » Support for those who continue to provide protection want to stay until they get their second vaccine should stay. « 

This is due to the fact that more than 30 million people in the UK received their first dose of a Covid-19 shock, including more than nine in ten clinically extremely vulnerable people.

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