World news – The Oregon man pulls a gun against the anti-fascist mob that destroyed cars to stop the Freedom Rally.


A dramatic video shows the moment when a man draws a gun on anti-fascist protesters as they clashed with protesters taking part in a Freedom Rally near the Oregon State Capitol on Sunday. </ The elderly man wearing an American flag sweatshirt was filmed in Salem when he initially got out of his pickup truck to investigate the damage allegedly caused by the anti-fascist mob.

He looked calm at first when the black-clad counter-protesters surrounded and mocked him and pointed a few canisters threateningly at him throughout the confrontation.

But the argument took an ugly turn after he was either sprayed in the face or with him had been hit – which made him flinch and pull his gun at the crowd.

« Get away from me! » he yelled, pulling a pistol from his waistband and cocking it as he aimed it at the left activists.

As the mob yelled over his loaded gun, an armed officer quickly approached and forced the driver to the ground, taking one large numbers of riot police swiftly swarmed the scene.

« F – k you, proud boy! » Some in the crowd shouted as officers held the suspected shooter down.

Oregon State Police Captain Tim Fox informed the Oregonian that the man – who had not been identified – had not yet been arrested and that The officers were still investigating the case.

However, three other people were arrested, including an 18-year-old man who was charged with five charges of « illegally aiming a laser, » the state police said in a release. </ p Police said more than 100 left-wing protesters – many related to the Youth Liberation Front – appeared to "prevent the Freedom Rally caravan" from meeting at the Capitol. The mob are accused of damaging vehicles, including the alleged riflemen, who were covered in yellow spray paint and had their windows broken.

Most wore “black clothing and ballistic vests and guns, bats, skateboards, umbrellas, shields and gas masks, « the police said.

 » Soon after their arrival, Salem Police Department received reports that Court Street gang were targeting passing vehicles, « the statement said. » The victims reported that their vehicles were damaged by paint-filled balloons, stones and other hard objects thrown at them as they passed, « the force said. ”

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