World news – The result is a tragic photo of an injured police officer


TWO Townsville police officers were injured after their vehicle turned to avoid being rammed by a suspected stolen vehicle.

In this photo you can see one of the officers lying on the floor at the crime scene.

Six juvenile suspected offenders were arrested at the scene and police are still looking for a seventh suspected offender.

Witness Jesse Mulligan tells what he saw in an alleged incident involving stolen cars on Riverway Drive.


The Northern Rivers’ four Target stores are about to close, but one is becoming a Mini-Kmart.


A young person was found marking a sports team’s clubhouse with spray paint.

Council news

The new proposal for the site includes villas, three swimming pools and a “yoga place”.


The girl was hit by a car in Evans Head earlier this year and has miraculously recovered.


Every time January 26th is over, the Australia Day celebrations seem to get subdued.


This year is 20 years since we first traveled to Hogwarts on the big screen.


A Northern Rivers high school will be the first in the region to incorporate indigenous block names into its curriculum.


People tell horror stories about how they were stabbed at local swimming holes


The school has announced a new science building to be completed next …


The change means four free stores in one of the region’s shopping centers.

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