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Shut down

By Sonia Twigg, PA Sport

Scott Parker, Fulham manager, believes that VAR and trying to create the « perfect » football game will ultimately destroy the sport.

The international football Association Board, the Legislature of the Game, announced on Friday that accidental handball that results in a teammate to score or have a chance to score will no longer be considered a criminal offense as of July 1st.

That news came less than 24 hours after Fulham found themselves at the wrong end of the controversial part of the law when they were denied a deserved equalizer against Tottenham in the second half due to a handball ruling.

Josh Maja shot home for the Cottagers but the goal was disqualified after VAR reps showed the ball had been shot into Mario Lemina’s hand in advance from a Davinson Sanchez clearance when e r was only a few meters away.

Parker, whose relegation fighter lost this game 1-0, said at his press conference on Friday: “I just heard IFAB decided to change this rule, which is disappointing .

“My attitude towards VAR will not change. We’re looking for perfection and I’m not just talking about football, but about the world we live in.

“You take a selfie and put on 14 filters to get the perfect complexion or perfectly colored eyes. The reality is that there is something more behind it and something deeper that we all want.

“We’re trying to make a sterile game with perfect scenarios that I think will ultimately be destroyed. The game is about raw emotions.

“When the fans come back to the stadium and experience firsthand the disappointment that can happen and how it works. It will sometimes disappoint everyone.

“This has always been my main concern and problem. What started out from trying to get the really big decisions right has slowly morphed into virtually every decision in the game, trying to iron out every imperfection we have.

« If you’re trying to in doing this you lose something more important. I’m scared to say for myself personally, I feel like we’re losing it. “

Fulham will travel to Anfield on Sunday to face Liverpool, who suffered a fifth consecutive home defeat and an eighth 1-0 defeat of the season against Chelsea on Thursday.

Jürgen Klopp’s underdogs are 22 points behind to leaders Manchester City in seventh place, but Parker insisted that Fulham have to look after their quality.

« It could certainly be (a good time to play against the Reds) you play in in the same breath wounded animal and you are playing against a team that is obviously under a difficult spell at this moment, and that is clear to see, but we have to be very, very careful, « said the 40-year-old.

 » If you To play against a wounded animal that has the quality and class that Liverpool has, you need to be very careful while understanding that you are playing the game in the right way and in the right way Approach it wisely, then you can assert yourself at certain moments in this football game when you might have a chance.

« I think it’s probably a bit between these stands, so great respect for this team that we are against play, but also understand where you are and, as always, try to put a stamp on this game and get something out of it. « 

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