World news – The Sydney family narrowly escapes when the house goes up in flames


A family from Sydney had a narrow escape when their house was engulfed in the fire overnight.

The couple, their two young children and the children’s uncle slept in the Ambarvale house just after 3 a.m., when the fire broke out.

The fire started on the quarterdeck before it spread to the roof and engulfed the whole house.

Luckily the uncle noticed the fire and alerted the rest of the family to it in good time « The first thing I did was – I didn’t see anything – I just took my car keys, grabbed two kids, took out my car and just left, » Dahal told 7NEWS.

The family also managed to get their passports, but the rest of their belongings and the house were destroyed.

The house is insured and the family will stay with relatives until they find a new home.

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