World news – The UK government is unilaterally relaxing more trade rules between the UK and NI amid EU anger


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The British government has endeavored to unilaterally relax another element of the controversial Brexit regulations for trade with Northern Ireland.

The ban on imports of plants from Great Britain into the region has been temporarily lifted.

While most agricultural and food products are or will be subject to additional regulatory procedures for entry into Northern Ireland under the provisions of the NI Brexit Protocol, some have been banned altogether.

This prohibited list includes plants or vegetables found on UK soil are potted or where traces of soil are still adhering. This has caused problems for many businesses in Northern Ireland, especially garden centers.

It has become a touchstone in the public debate on the merits of the protocol, and its critics cite the ban on potted plants as evidence of excessive and disproportionate red tape. < The move comes in a week with London also having unilaterally extended grace periods, which are currently restricting government controls on the import of retail goods for groceries and customs declarations for UK parcels shipped to the region.

Although the agricultural and food health certificates were the only sector in the above countries to receive an extension from the UK, the statement released Wednesday by the UK government also said that « further guidance will be provided later this week » on package deliveries and issues with soil on commercial plants, seeds, onions, Ge musts and agricultural machinery.

The European Commission is taking legal action against the UK government because of these steps and is accusing it of violating the protocol.

With the latest relief, onions or vegetables can be bought with soil from Great Britain Northern Ireland.

Also, soil grown plants can be moved with soil grown, provided they are from an authorized company that meets UK plant passport requirements.

Plants can also be in containers with grown growing medium if the containers meet the conditions required for passage of GB plants.

The protocol has also set strict rules for the transport of agricultural and forestry machinery from the UK to Northern Ireland to accommodate the Prevent entry of vehicles and equipment with soil.

The UK government has advised dealers It says they can now move machines without certification as long as excess soil and plant debris are removed.

A UK government spokeswoman said: « We are committed to meeting our protocol obligations in a pragmatic and proportionate manner, but some challenges are direct and immediate often disproportionately to livelihoods, including unacceptable disruption of the flow of critical goods.

« These temporary practical arrangements recognize the need to ensure that the island of Ireland’s biosecurity is not compromised while removing obstacles that prevent goods from entering Northern Ireland. « 

Brussels has warned that it will take legal action » very soon « after unilateral steps have been taken to delay full implementation of the protocol.

The Vice-President of the European Commission , Maros Sefcovic, said the first to The UK government’s termination on Wednesday was a « very negative surprise ».

The UK government has insisted that its measures are temporary and have been taken to allow time for permanent solutions to be worked out.

It sparked an angry reaction in Brussels, with the EU accusing the UK of withdrawing its contractual obligations under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement to ensure there is no return of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

In one In an interview with today’s Financial Times, Sefcovic, who is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the agreement, said that the European Commission is currently working on an “infringement procedure” against the UK.

“We are preparing it now, and it really would be very soon come to our table. The most accurate term I can give you is really, very soon, « he said.

In response, Northern Ireland’s First Minister and DUP Chair Arlene Foster accused the EU of waging war.

 » The number of Control between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is so disproportionately high to the risk to the EU internal market that what the protocol provides is completely out of whack, « she told BBC Radio 4.

Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to downplaying the dispute with the EU, saying the government was just taking some « temporary and technical measures » to ensure trade continued to flow.

« I’m sure all of these technical issues are with a little benevolence and common sense are excellent solvable, « he said.

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However, MEPs have already taken steps to delay the formal ratification of the broader UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement pending the outcome of the recent dispute.

The Northern Ireland Protocol im Take-back agreements were drafted by the EU and the UK to avoid hardening the border on the island of Ireland.

This means adapting Northern Ireland to various EU regulations and requiring controls on goods entering the region from the UK

In the meantime, the White House has reiterated the support of new US President Joe Biden for the Good Friday Agreement, which the Protocol aims to protect.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said: « President Biden has his Support for the Good Friday Agreement clearly expressed.

« It was the foundation for peace, stability and where l stood for everyone in Northern Ireland. « 

Before last year’s election, Biden, who is very proud of his Irish roots, warned that the deal should not become a victim of Brexit.

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The UK government is unilaterally relaxing more trade rules between the UK and NI in the face of anger from the EU


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