World news – The vast Sydney River breaks its banks and causes wild flooding


Published: 01:46 GMT March 20, 2021 | Updated: 05:30 GMT, March 20, 2021

One of Sydney’s main rivers has broken its banks after wild floods and stranded locals.

The ferry terminal on the Parramatta River in western Sydney is completely flooded. Connections to and from the area will be suspended indefinitely until the weather event is over in 100 years.

In other parts of NSW, forecast rainfall in the lower Blue Mountains over the next 24 hours is up to 300mm and for the north central coast 400mm.

Locals who live in close proximity to the Parramatta River said conditions were unprecedented after the banks between Charles Street Weir and the ferry dock were broken.

Up In any case, no ferries for commuters on Saturday, with more rain in the state of NSW

In some parts the traffic had come to a standstill as drivers were careful in wild weather

Parramatta River Weir right in front of the River Cat Terminal which is getting higher by the minute. #NSWFloods #ParramattaRiver #NSWstorm

« The entire bike path looks like it has been swallowed, » Leanne Roberts told Daily Mail Australia.

« It’s incredible how much Rain at the moment is, I can’t really believe it. « 

Rain has hit the port city for the past few days, but Saturday’s flood will be on a different level, experts from the Bureau of Meteorology predicted.

The office warned of heavy rains which « could lead to life-threatening flash floods » and « harmful winds averaging 60 to 70 km / h with gusts of more than 90 km / h ».

The Parramatta River is already dangerously high Water levels reached. Residents will be asked to stay indoors and prepare to evacuate if they are contacted by emergency services.

More than 30 homes in Sydney have been reported to have been damaged, with that number increasing significantly by the end of the weekend.

In Chester Hill, also in west Sydney, a storm on Saturday destroyed or urgently repaired many houses.

The storm, dubbed a « mini-tornado » by NSW Fire and Rescue, saw a large tree fall and damage countless homes.

« Fire and Rescue The Macarthur and Wollondilly crews are in Chester Hill, where a mini-tornado left a trail of destruction that damaged several objects, » a rescue worker tweeted.

After the banks of the Parramatta River collapsed, barricades were erected at the ferry terminal

The locals were stunned to see how the Parramatta River broke its banks after the heavy rain over NSW oh

This woman looked very unimpressed after her umbrella let her down during the heavy downpour (pictured in Sydney on Saturday).

What the calm Parramatta River in western Sydney usually looks like before it becomes one Flash flood exposure

Motorists have been advised to slow down and stay home, although driving on flooded roads is not recommended.

Sydney’s main source of water, Warragamba Dam, is for the first time in five years tends to overflow as the heavy rains continue to sink.

« We expect the Warragamba Dam to spill this afternoon and this will then be mixed with the rivers from the Upper Nepean and the Grose River and others connect local tributaries, « Justin Robinson, head of flood operations for the Bureau of Meteorology, told The Australian.

The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed earlier Saturday that the dam already had one Capacity of 99 percent.

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