World news – The Virginia policeman was fatally shot and killed during the traffic obstruction and the suspect was arrested


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A Virginia police officer was shot dead on Friday afternoon when he was in a traffic obstruction.

48-year-old officer Nick Winum stopped suspect Dakota Richards’ car in Stanley City at around 3:30 p.m., according to the Daily News Record.

But the suspect got out of his car and opened fire on Winum before the five-year veteran even got out of his patrol car.

Winum died on the scene. Richards fled and was arrested by law enforcement in a nearby field, the outlet reported.

« Since joining our division in 2016, he has proudly served and protected the Stanley community, » said Chief Ryan Dean in a statement posted on Facebook. « I know the Stanley and Page Counties Ward hold Nick and his family in their prayers at this most difficult and tragic time. »

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