World news – Turbulent times come together in Sharon Osbourne and « The Talk »


Sharon Osbourne is used to living on the edge – and finding a way to get her way no matter what is thrown at her.

Her father once threatened to kill her. Her mother’s dogs attacked her and caused Sharon to miscarry. Her husband, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, has admitted to trying twice to strangle her and cheating on her for years. She has successfully fought colon cancer.

But some of her friends say the famous lively 68-year-old is at a loss for the first time. It was announced on Friday that Sharon would be leaving « The Talk » after being charged with racism after engaging in heated conversations with co-host Sheryl Underwood earlier this month.

After two weeks of sources said that there were tough negotiations between Sharon’s camp and CBS, she reportedly received a seven-figure payout to quit the show.

« It was all pretty ridiculous. But you need to remember that CBS has a poor track record of doing the Moonves stuff, ”a source familiar with Sharon’s exit told The Post, referring to CBS chairman Les Moonves, who died in 2018 on allegations of sexual assault against him resigned. (He denies the allegations.) « This is like a big display to let everyone know they are taking these types of complaints seriously, » the source said. “It would have been exciting if Sharon had stayed. She was ready to say that she overreacted. But as it is now, she wants to go. She would be shocked if she stayed. Because of this, people avoid watching TV and listening to podcasts instead. You can talk about it freely. « 

 » Being so misrepresented is so amazing and devastating, « Belle Zwirdling, Sharon’s 40-year-old friend, told The Post. “Sharon was seriously confused from the moment this all collapsed and now she is being persecuted and made a scapegoat. It’s hideous and she’s having a bad time. « 

Those who knew Sharon as the badass music manager who helped make her husband Ozzy a star barely recognized the tearful woman on the tense episode of The Talk on March 10th.

Sharon, who has appeared on the CBS daytime show since it launched 11 years ago, defended her friend Piers Morgan’s right to freedom of expression following backlash the British journalist received over his comments on Meghan Markle, including the fact that he « [doesn’t] believe a word » from her Oprah interview. But when Underwood argued that Morgan’s statements were racist and Sharon « confirmed » them, the debate became heated. Sharon cried and said she felt « As if I was about to be put in the electric chair. »

« The Sharon I know would have kicked someone out, » her friend Doc McGhee, the longtime manager of KISS, told The Post.

 » At this time if she had cut out someone’s carotid artery. But that was back when it was part of the game to be tough, and people respected you for having beliefs no matter where you are at. Today everything is a witch hunt and they want to ruin you if you don’t say exactly what they think you should say. « 

A source told Page 6 that Sharon felt » set up « by the producers. In the statement, CBS said it » found no evidence « but added that the network and showrunners are accountable : « … the co-hosts were not properly prepared by the staff for a complex and sensitive discussion about race. »

At the same time, co-host Elaine Welteroth and her hairdresser reportedly complained to the HR department about an allegedly « insensitive to race. » and hostile environment « .

 » She thinks she’s in a hostile environment now? « cracked McGhee. » She should have known Sharon in the 80s! « 

After all, this is a woman who was once a concert promoter Kneeled on the crotch and, as she said, « hit him on the head » because she thought he was dodgy about money, and then there was a time when she was supposed to be in the suitcase after an argument Singer Lyns ey de Paul puked.

Following Welteroth’s complaint, CBS took the unprecedented move to temporarily suspend the show pending an « internal review », despite Sharon tweeted an apology saying she had « racism, misogyny or Bullying not tolerated « .

Former co-host Holly Robinson Peete went on to claim that Sharon described her as » too ghetto « to be on the show. « The Talk » alum Leah Remini claimed Sharon called former cast colleague Julie Chen, who is Chinese-American, « Wonton » and « Slanty Eyes » and Sara Gilbert, a lesbian, « p – – – » denotes y licking. « Sharon has denied these claims.

She has since teamed up with Ozzy at her $ 12 million mansion in the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

 » It’s heartbreaking for her, « Zwirdling said. « I was there when she texted Sheryl apologizing and not hearing back was horrible. » Nonetheless, McGhee said CBS had an argument with Osbourne and her powerful attorney, Jeremiah Reynolds. And he doesn’t expect Sharon to stick her tongue too tight in the future.

Sharon got her grit the hard way, born Sharon Levy in London to a Jewish father and Irish mother, and spent her early years in the seedy South London before the family moved to Mayfair.

Her father Harry, who changed his name to Don Arden, was a die-hard concert promoter and manager known as « Al Capone of Music » who used gangster tactics such as beating people up, with weapon waving around and stealing money from his own deeds – and his own daughter – to get ahead. He once left his music colleague Robert Stigwood, known for administering the Bee Gees, dangling from the legs of a hotel balcony in an argument.

« I was surrounded by violent people, violent conversation and behavior. So it was nothing Unusual when my father threatened someone or brandished a gun, « said Sharon. “It seemed normal. I thought everyone was like that. It was part of our lives.

“My father really had a temper. He had a voice that echoed all over the house. A couple of times he hit me and tore my hair. I wouldn’t say I was abused and beaten. back then it was a normal thing. “

She started working with her father as a teenager and Don ran the heavy metal group Black Sabbath, among others. When he fired the band’s front man, Ozzy Osbourne, in 1979, she took over the lead and infuriated her father. « There were times when I was crying and shivering on the floor, » she told the Daily Mail, « because he threatened to come to the house and kill me. »

But she took what she had learned from her father and applied it to her own career. Over time, according to Don Arden’s biographer Mick Wall, it became clear that Sharon was « Don in a Rock ». You don’t want to fuck with her. « 

 » The music business back then was a boys’ club fueled by cocaine and sexual favors, « wrote Sharon on Extreme. » She added, « These were the days of Payola and Mafia involvement, and the default currency, when you were a woman it was a blowjob, but men soon learned that Sharon Arden would rather kick them in the balls than suck their D-Ks. ”

The only man she could never really control, however , was Ozzy, whom she married after starting an affair with him when he was married to his first wife, the mother of his two oldest children.

Ozzy celebrated the birth of his and Sharon’s son Jack by saying was drunk during delivery and then went home and had sex with one of the nannies. Another time, Sharon wrote in her book, he hit her « very badly » while she was breastfeeding Jack.

« But we did that got behind us, we’ve always done that, « wrote Sharon, while admitting that she was also often violent with Ozzy.

(Sharon was pregnant with a fourth child in the early 1980s when her mother’s two dogs attacked her and miscarried her.)

She also built his career – and tried to tear others down. After Ozzy was rejected by Lollapalooza in the 1990s for being « uncool, » Sharon put together Ozzfest, a traveling festival of metal bands run by her husband.

Sharon, the kingmaker behind the scenes , got an unlikely spotlight on MTV’s 2002 reality show « The Osbournes » starring her and Ozzy and two of her three children – and ran with it. The show became MTV’s most watched series, and Sharon became a household name.

When she was tired of listening to her neighbors’ folk music on the show, she tossed a ham at her house. Another time she complained about how much she hated housework and said, « Martha Stewart can lick my scrotum. » Much of what she said was so cursed it was blown out.

« The Osbournes » ran until 2005, but Sharon has been on TV ever since. From 2004 to 2007 she was a judge and mentor on the UK version of « The X Factor » and later joined America’s Got Talent. She was also a nominee for « Celebrity Apprentice ».

When she made an exception to something Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson said about the TV show, she was looking for Sharon-style revenge: while playing around with the Iron Maiden PA system at an Ozzfest show, throwing eggs, encouraging the crowd to throw bottles and pulling the plug on the band’s set.

Even so, Rod MacSween, the veteran agent who worked under The Who, Aerosmith and Pearl Jam, among others, represent to The Post that he has known Osbourne for 40 years and has seen no evidence of racist behavior from her.

« I don’t think she deserves this, » said MacSween. « Not only was she a pioneer in the music business, advocating for other women, but also the daughter of a Jewish father and a Catholic mother. She understands prejudice. I’ve never seen her do it before. »

« She loves what she does, plus the network hired her on « The Talk » because she’s open and bold and brings the drama, « a source close to both Sharon and the show told The Post. « What happened is they got Sharon to stir the pot a little and it got out of hand. »

The source, who was on the set on March 10, told The Post that The original segment was only supposed to last four minutes but ran a lot longer. « Sharon had a nervous breakdown up there on TV and everyone could see him, » the source said. « The crew loves her and couldn’t understand why no one – not the show managers or the people at the booth – tried to help her and just end it. They just hung her up to dry. It got unnecessarily ugly. » p>
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