World news – TV star swears to give up alcohol


However, the television presenter, who won the Gold Logie Award, says his goal for 2021 is to give up entirely.

« I want to press the button to cancel it (alcohol) entirely and see how I go, » Denyer tells Confidential.

« I am very concerned why I am so scared of what is probably telling me that I have to do something. I have to stop, it doesn’t improve my life, in fact it does the opposite.

« I’m not an alcoholic, I drink three nights a week, but it’s the amounts I have to look at and I don’t get anything out of it, so I’ll be the new me in 2021. »

Denyer, 43, is one of ten contestants on the new I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here series! In which he revealed last night that he was often drunk on the Sunrise breakfast show.

« When I was doing sunrise weather for years … the number of times I was probably still drunk in the air in the morning was too often. »

Appearing on the reality show forced the dad of two with someone down the road to address a number of issues in his life, including his relationship with alcohol.

“You are forced to face the parts of yourself that you like or dislike and you cannot distract yourself from them,” he explained.

« You can’t pick up your phone, you can’t go into the closet and have something to eat, you can’t drink anything, so you are forced to deal with something more uncomfortable. »

He continued, « I’ve been pretending to be a TV presenter for so long. The shiny, toothy, always happy smiling guy, this is not real, nobody can do this all day, nobody is. Despite all the people, maybe I think I do I’m not an extrovert, I’m an introvert. I can turn it on for the camera, but I’m usually incredibly shy. So I use alcohol to lubricate myself socially … to relieve some of the anxiety and fear I have I think I used that as a crutch.  »

Denyer has been open to his personal struggles over the years, most recently on his « It’s All True » podcast.

After winning the Gold Logie in 2018, he told The Telegraph of the depths of despair his life sank into after suffering a broken back and a battle against prescription pain medication that ruined his will to live.

Alcohol, he believes, is so closely linked to our culture that it is « difficult to recover from ».

« I have to admit, I struggle with the bravery to say I am ready to quit, » he said. « And I don’t know why I can’t say I’m ready, that worries me. I thought this was some silly TV show where you go in, eat some bugs and come home. There were a few incredible revelations and some beautiful things that have shaped and changed some parts of me that I don’t like and for which I am grateful.  »

Denyer said he felt sick ahead of the show as he wasn’t sure what the edit would do.

One subject he had hoped wouldn’t make the cut was the fact that he did reveal that he has a « condition » he calls « sleep shagging. »

« With my partner, I can develop adult relationships while I sleep and sleep completely the whole time. I don’t know why I shared this. »


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