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The votes are gone, and New Zealanders have had their say on whether they want euthanasia and recreational cannabis legalized

No The first preview of the referendum results will take place in two weeks, on October 30

A final referendum result will be announced a week later, on November 6, which includes special votes (people who voted outside their electorate, abroad, in prison or hospital, or registered late )

should be to count the votes of parties and voters so that the election results can be published

The committee urged the government to postpone the referendum count after polling day

Justice Minister Andrew Little agreed, saying results were not essential to forming a new government

Not until another year – or to be precise, one year after the official referendum result was announced The official result will be November 6, so the End of Life Choice Act would likely come into force on November 6, 2021

The deadline is to allow time to update systems and set up new oversight committees – including a group that will develop a roster of doctors, psychiatrists and pharmacists willing to help out. to die for

The proposed law change gives terminally ill patients access to assisted dying if they have the approval of two doctors

Nothing will happen The status quo will remain, which means that voluntary euthanasia or aiding and abetting suicide will remain illegal

It’s more political Legislation has been drafted and Labor and Greens have pledged to pass it if they are in power They could make minor changes to the law after public consultation

It is not known when it would come into force Depends on the government’s legislative program But once introduced it would probably take around a year to pass So legalization of cannabis would probably take place in 2021 or 2022

The Maori party has no position, but co-leader John Tamihere and several other candidates say they voted « yes » in the referendum

National and Act say if they were in power they would bring forward the bill, but it wouldn’t move any further if that’s what a select committee recommends National and Act will likely hold a majority on the committee under a national government

The law would create a legal framework for the sale and supply of cannabis and allow people to own and cultivate a small amount of cannabis for their personal use


World News – AU – 2020 Election Results: Referendum Decisions on Euthanasia and Cannabis – Why We’re Waiting – NZ Herald


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