World News – UA – A big change is coming to Kmart in Melbourne


One thing Melburnians can’t wait to do other than drink beer is shop at Kmart when the restrictions go away, but shopping will be a little different

If there’s one thing Melburnians can’t wait to do other than drink beer when the restrictions go down, it’s go shopping at Kmart

Social media has been dominated by memes showing how eager shoppers are to see the moment when they can finally grab all of the Kmart items they’ve been waiting for three long months

« I thought I was hooked on Kmart, but apparently there are people planning to go to Melbourne Kmart stores when they open at 11:59 tonight, » one woman tweeted

« To all Melbourne people looking forward to finally making their way to Kmart – I hope you find the random decoration of your dreams, » said another

« Melbourne is coming out of jail and judging by the trends we want to buy beers and go to Kmart We are a simple people » said a third person, while a fourth simply added: « F ** k yeah Melbourne, you can go to Kmart « 

But Kmart has confirmed a change in its shopping experience since the restrictions were lifted, along with new measures in place « to ensure a shopping experience as smooth and safe as possible »

« We understand that customer’s time is precious So customers can simply skim the lines by booking an online store, ”a Kmart spokesperson said.comau

« A customer simply logs in, selects their designated store and preferred time, and tells us how many visitors will be shopping

« Confirm the reservation and you are good to go When the store is not at full capacity, customers can enter directly »

Customers will notice that the time slots are every 20 minutes to allow shoppers to arrive at the store within that time frame.

While it is not essential to pre-book to enter the store, without a reservation could mean physically waiting for a very long time until a location becomes vacant due to capacity restrictions in stores

To make the process even faster, Kmart also offered shoppers to reserve a place online for the registers from anywhere and anytime, whether at home before their visit or at a Kmart store.

Kmart department stores in Burwood, Campbellfield, Fountain Gate, Belmont and Werribee will reopen from midnight tonight following Victoria’s easing of restrictions

While customers should flood the store, the spokesperson told Comau News a number of measures are in place « to ensure as smooth and safe a shopping experience as possible for our customers »

This includes over 72 new secure COVID processes, reservation hours for high-traffic stores, and extended trading hours « so customers can shop at quieter times »

Social media has been inundated with posts from enthusiastic Kmart enthusiasts keen to shop at the store from midnight TuesdaySource: Supplied

« It has been long months for all Melburnians and with Christmas on the horizon we look forward to welcoming customers to our stores from Wednesday morning, » said Ian Bailey, Managing Director of Kmart Group

A COVID Safety Commissioner will be present in each store during peak periods to ensure they operate safely with hygiene measures in place and practice physical distancing

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World News – UA – A big change is coming to Kmart in Melbourne



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