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Mick Finnegan has been CEO of Macmahon Holdings Limited (ASX: MAH) since 2016, and this article will look at executive compensation with respect to the overall performance of the company This analysis will also look to determine whether the CEO is well compensated, given recent earnings growth and investor returns for Macmahon Holdings

Our data shows Macmahon Holdings Limited has a market capitalization of AU $ 482 million and the CEO’s total annual compensation has been reported at AU $ 20m for the year to June 2020 We note that this is an increase of 27% over last year We believe total compensation is more important, but our data shows CEO salary lower , at AU $ 623K

For comparison, other companies in the same industry with market caps between AU $ 284 million and AU $ 1b had a median total CEO compensation of AU $ 1 0m Therefore, our analysis reveals that Macmahon Holdings Limited pays Mick Finnegan north of industry median In addition, Mick Finnegan also owns AU $ 1 million of Macmahon Holdings shares directly under their own name

At the industry level, around 70% of total compensation is salary and 30% other compensation.It is interesting that Macmahon Holdings allocates a smaller portion of compensation to salary compared to the more industry. large If total compensation is geared toward non-salary benefits, this indicates that CEO compensation is linked to company performance

Over the past three years, Macmahon Holdings Limited has seen its earnings per share (EPS) increase by 60% per year Last year its turnover increased by 25%

Overall this is a positive result for shareholders, showing that the company has improved in recent years It’s great to see that revenue growth is also strong These metrics suggest as the business grows strongly Moving away from the current form for a second, it might be important to check out this free visual representation of what analysts expect in the future

With a total shareholder return of 78% over three years, Macmahon Holdings Limited has done well by shareholders But they probably wouldn’t be so happy to think that the CEO should be paid more than usual, for companies of this size

As we noted earlier, Macmahon Holdings pays its CEO higher than the norm for similar sized companies in the same industry But the company has impressed us with its EPS growth, over three years We note Also that over the same time period, returns to shareholders have not been bad.So, given the growth in EPS, we do not wish to criticize CEO compensation, although we recommend further management research

It is always advisable to analyze the CEO compensation, as well as perform a thorough analysis of the main areas of company performance This is why we did our research and identified 2 warning signs for Macmahon Holdings (1 of which is worrisome!) Which you should know in order to have a holistic understanding of the stock

Moving on to Macmahon Holdings, if you’re looking for a clean balance sheet and superior returns, this free list of high yield, low debt companies is a great place to look

This Simply Wall St article is general in nature It does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell shares, and does not take into account your goals or your financial situation We aim to provide you with a focused analysis long term based on fundamental data Note that our analysis may not take into account the latest announcements from price sensitive companies or qualitative information Simply Wall St does not have any position in the mentioned stocks Do you have any comments on this article? Concerned about the content? Contact us directly You can also send an email to the editorial team @ Simplywallstcom

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