World News – UA – ADAC publishes multicopter study


Air rescue with manned multicopters is possible, sensible and improves emergency medical care of the population, according to the feasibility study on the use of manned multicopters in the rescue service The study of about 130 pages was initiated at the end of 2018 by ADAC Luftrettung The research project focused on the following question: Can the system of rescue services be improved and put in place to stand the test of time thanks to the use of multicopters as a rapid delivery service for emergency physicians? The multicopter is expressly not intended to replace the rescue helicopter, but rather to supplement rapid aid from the air. Patient transport is not initially planned

Multicopters are vertical take-off airplanes with multiple electric rotors Until now, airplanes have been mainly developed as air taxis in the civilian sector. After almost a year and a half of research, the potential tactical advantage of multicopters as a rescue service can now be theoretically proven for the first time: according to the study, significant improvements in emergency care result from multicopters in an operational radius of 25 to 30 kms In this case, the speed of Optimal flight of the multicopter should be 100 to 150 km / h The study predicts that these ideal conditions will be technically possible in about four years

With the right multicopters, emergency physicians can not only be on the scene faster, but also reach many more patients in a larger area This makes the work of the doctors more efficient and the multicopter an effective weapon in the fight against the shortage of emergency doctors which prevails in many places

The rescue helicopter could also be used more efficiently, as in about 60% of cases it now functions only as an emergency medic rescue service Instead, it can harness its potential as a means of transportation to specialist clinics further away from the scene of an accident

Dr Andrea David, President of the ADAC Foundation, said: “The growing shortage of emergency physicians is a major challenge for the emergency medical care of the population – especially in rural areas. ADAC Foundation supported from the outset this conceptually and financially innovative research project

« We are now eagerly awaiting the practical exam Because the results of the scientific study clearly show that manned multicopters, as quick deliverers of emergency doctors, can help solve this serious problem in the near future « 

Multicopters are also seen as a solution for more sustainable flight, with new designs being tested to address climate concerns in the aviation industry

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World news – UA – ADAC publishes multicopter study


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