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At the moment I need a lot of close-ups of Eddie McGuire Unless he’s on another « reconnaissance » mission somewhere

Yes One way traffic The Geelong positively crown Collingwood Simply a breathtaking half foot from Geelong Clearances = 20-9 Stopping games = 14-5 Inside 50s = 25-11 Possessions undisputed = 125-58 !!!!!!!!!!!

The cats do whatever they want They play keepy-offs and alarmingly Collingwood doesn’t scream in response They look stunned Geelong’s lone goal is the second lowest score at mid – 2020 time and (according to Fox Footy) the lowest halftime score in a VFL / AFL final in 60 years

Dangerfield is BOG but they all raise their hands Horrible viewing for a Pies fan

Q2: 1 min remaining: Geelong 9-6 (60) against Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! I have to admit I was a little busy looking for Tracy Chapman But when I looked up Guthrie had the ball, shot right at 50 He pierces it I can only assume Geelong worked him away from the center with minimal fuss This is how they rode all night Absurdly easy, is it

Q2: 3 minutes left: Geelong 8-6 (54) v Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! Dangerfield = man possessed Madgen gets stuck in the back pocket and tries (stupidly) to break Dangerfield’s tackle Holding the ball At a similar angle to before, the big man walks through – after some delay due to ‘A review of goals No, goal umpire, he didn’t hit the post Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car echoes through the stadium That’s what Collingwood might like right now – a fast car straight out of the dodge

Q2: 5 minutes left: Geelong 7-6 (48) vs Collingwood 1-0 (6) Geelong is running rings around Collingwood, who looks flat-footed and tired The cats have numbers and running around the park Now it’s Rohan’s turn to shoot the sticks but he misses the lot Can a game be over with five minutes left in the second quarter?

Q2: 7 minutes left: Geelong 7-6 (48) vs Collingwood 1-0 (6) Dangerfield is (not literally) on fire He wanders up the pitch slightly, wins the ball (of course) and finds Hawkins From a tight angle to the left he splits it with a conventional punt Couldn’t start straight last week Can’t miss tonight

Q2: 9 minutes left: Geelong 6-5 (41) vs Collingwood 1-0 (6) Geelong crushes Collingwood in clearance Stops are all theirs Another push forward finds Miers on the run but he hits the Collingwood post is really struggling to deal with those repeated entries inside-50 It’s an avalanche the Magpies have to somehow stop

Q2: 11 minutes left: Geelong 6-5 (41) vs Collingwood 1-0 (6) Collingwood goes inside 50 but it’s high, long and not too good The Cats talls down back n ‘ have no problem handling entries like this

Q2: 12 mins left: Geelong 6-5 (41) v Collingwood 1-0 (6) It’s raining blows for Geelong Dangerfield goes wild inside He gets in through, finds Duncan and the beach cliché looks good but is missing just on the left side Pies juts cannot exceed half

Q2: 14 minutes remaining: Geelong 6-4 (40) v Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! Another long ball forward for Geelong Dangerfield judges best and takes a nice mark on the chest in the right front pocket Hard and hard shot from there but he strokes it until the crowd adulation All class Collingwood with major problems here

Q2: 15 minutes left: Geelong 5-4 (34) v Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! Have Big center clearance for Geelong, Dangerfield crushes the peloton – and gets rid of about three defenders – Hawkins scoops up the crumb and releases Dahlhaus, who does the rest On a positive note for Collingwood, Adams looks fine

How lacking in confidence is Hawkins kicking if he’s so desperate to take it out from there?

Alright, MT You think he would go back and take a picture from there any day of the week

Hi Scott and everyone, sorry I’m late – preparing the evening meal then cleaning took longer than I expected Good calling tonight – hope for a close match Barracking for the Cats, tip the pies Good luck to the supporters of both teams

All of the Geelong Les Cats simply denied Collingwood the ball in this first quarter and were decisive when they got it themselves ‘Just’ the only major for Tom Hawkins, so Geelong doesn’t go to him exclusively The Big Cats get involved, sometimes too easily, and Collingwood has a lot of thinking to do to find a way back to The Early Days, however.

Q1: 1 min remaining: Geelong 4-3 (27) vs Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! Geelong’s Instant Response Straight out of the middle, Hawkins enters deep inside-50 space and he plays from his chest mark to cancel Collingwood’s opener

Q1: 1 min remaining: Geelong 3-3 (21) v Collingwood 1-0 (6) Goal! Collingwood makes his way inside the 50 yards after a 50 yard penalty and after a back-to-back save Elliott takes the ball cleanly and snaps in beautifully to score the Magpies’ first – and much-needed – goal

Q1: 2 minutes left: Geelong 3-3 (21) vs Collingwood 0-0 (0) Taylor Adams takes off from the ground with an apparent injury Dangerfield runs on a long ball and looks likely, but a failed rebound favors the defender of Collingwood and a rushed behind is the result

Q1: 3 minutes left: Geelong 3-2 (20) vs Collingwood 0-0 (0) Now Parfitt finds the time and space inside the arc to take an undisputed mark His shot at distance is a bit of a bastard but it seems framed only to hit the post

Q1: 4 minutes left: Geelong 3-1 (19) v Collingwood 0-0 (0) De Goey has a saved shot on goal, but it’s stupid Out of bounds on full

Q1: 5 minutes remaining: Geelong 3-1 (19) v Collingwood 0-0 (0) Goal! Ablett plays a crucial role again as he spies on Miers alone deep in 50’s, sends him to laces and the man with the dreads does the rest Everything Geelong right now Collingwood needs to fix this

Q1: 6 mins left: Geelong 2-1 (13) v Collingwood 0-0 (0) Mihocek bombs a float deep inside-50 and Cameron is below Looks like an easy chest mark but he’s it Muffle Forward entries have been scarce so far for Collingwood, so they must give their luck

Q1: 7 minutes remaining: Geelong 2-1 (13) v Collingwood 0-0 (0) Goal! Geelong on top in clearances, a little harder in the middle Guthrie gets involved and Stanley ends up with a gap inside the 50, takes an undisputed mark and places it at home at an acute angle to make two first goals for the Cats

Q1: 9 minutes remaining: Geelong 1-1 (7) v Collingwood 0-0 (0) Goal! Now Ablett gets involved, all the time in the world, and sees Tuohy in the lead The Irishman gets a free for an arm chop, comes back and puts him straight in the middle for the game’s opening goal Geelong has settled the best Premiers days

Q1: 10 minutes left: Geelong 0-1 (1) vs. Collingwood 0-0 (0) Hot and hot ball out there Geelong finds a way to break free, Dangerfield finds space to free Hawkins and his shooting under pressure is a behind

Q1: 12 minutes left: Geelong 0-0 (0) vs Collingwood 0-0 (0) Cats are very careful in their back half Owning the ball like it was theirs Geelong controls a save with Selwood involved but the ball inside 50 is too long Hawkins has a shot on goal but misses everything Hawkins does well in the ruck against Grundy on offense

Q1: 14 minutes left: Geelong 0-0 (0) vs Collingwood 0-0 (0) Collingwood goes inside-50 and De Goey almost takes a big catch Almost Not enough Dangerfield goes forward for the cats

Q1: 15 mins left: Geelong 0-0 (0) vs Collingwood 0-0 (0) Selwood’s big handpass out of center to get us going But Collingwood has it covered A bit of chip and mark to get the ball rolling

Scott Party and all I know it’s final time, but I feel like there’s more than the usual Australian rules coverage on the Graun this week. continue (pls)

Talk about divided loyalties! This Brisbane family has a foot in both camps tonight with & bragging rights a prelim to win in #AFLCatsPiesBeautiful conditions in Gabba with 23 degrees & very little dew Come on !! Live on @abcgrandstand now photoTwittercom / 0CaOWTdJll

No late changes in tonight’s squads So there’s only one change between the two, with Geelong boning Tom Atkins for Sam Simpson

During the Lynch incident, from where I’m sitting, Trent Cotchin’s head-up slingshot over Zak Jones was much worse Not according to Match Review Officer Michael Christian, who chose not to record the tackle in its conclusions

« If your intention is just to attack yourself and it slides high, that’s part of the game, » Cotchin told 3AW earlier today.

Hmmm Once the tackle slipped high, did he really need to go on and crumple the Saint? I would say Cotchin’s act was ‘grossly over the top’, to use the words of the All’s Well That Ends Well week I guess, but it looked like a spinal or neck injury waiting to happen

Richmond forward Tom Lynch has avoided suspension for dropping his knee on St Kilda defender Dougal Howard and will be free to play in the AFL preliminary final next Friday against Port Adelaide

Lynch awarded a 50-yard penalty for throwing Howard to the ground, then dropped his left knee to the defenseman’s neck and shoulders in the third quarter of Friday night’s game at Metricon Stadium

Match Review Officer Michael Christian rated the incident as a second ‘foul’ offense and offered Lynch a $ 750 fine with a quick plea

So if Geelong drops this one, is it the end of an era? It seems like the cats have passed from one era to another over the past decade and a bit we’re forever told that they’re on their last games and this season definitely is, but here they are again, to a win of a preliminary final Yes, Geelong has an old roster, but supplementing with experience has been part of their modus operandi for some time now But there is no escaping the fact that they lack time to provide Ablett, Selwood and Dangerfield with a prime ministerial post while each plays Think about it – this could be Ablett’s last game

Ronny Lerner took a good look at the aging cats and their fierce rivalry with Collingwood, in a very nice article published a few days ago If you missed it, come back

Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of this mouth-watering sudden death final at Gabba The Geelongs are rightly the favorites to proceed to a preliminary final meeting with the Brisbane Lions, but they’re not at all overwhelmed. Chris Scott might consider inspecting his team’s record in the final as ‘lazy’, but the numbers don’t lie – under him, the Cats are just 4-12 in the postseason since their year in first post in 2011 The specter of a straight-out exit looms menacingly, and with their galaxy of stars closer to the end of their careers than the start, Geelong knows there is no time like the present.

Collingwood, who was all at heart in their final elimination victory over the West Coast Their procession to the second week of the final was a study on the determination to roll up your sleeves There was a lot against the Magpies last week at the Optus stadium, but they took all the punches the Eagles could throw before they landed the fatal blow in the final quarter It will be interesting to see what the effort and the journey west brought out of Collingwood, but they are definitely getting in shape at the right time of year.

The midfield battle will be one to watch, but it’s the way the two teams behave in front of goal that could be decisive Geelong has done well this year in isolating Tom Hawkins, but when he is held the Cats tend to lose, as they did when Collingwood beat them by 22 points in the seventh round Geelong also missed his influence on the scoreboard last week against Port Adelaide, as his comeback was five behind Mason Cox is nothing if not inconsistent, but Scott is unlikely to allow American free space like West Coast did when he scored three goals in the first quarter

These two have a lot of history and another chapter of a great rivalry is about to be written Join me To get involved you can email or tweet @scott_heinrich

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World News – UA – AFL 2020 Semi-Final: Geelong Cats vs. Collingwood Magpies – Live!


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