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Q1: 12 minutes left: Richmond 10 (6) vs. 01 (1) St Kilda – The Saints entered Richmond territory, but just like Ratten feared the rebound would cause problems. finishes with Rioli scoring just at the edge of his boot and his fixed shot fading at the last second and falling short

St Kilda does well to hit the other way quickly and after a centering ball at the top of the box they are unlucky not to be able to force a shot on goal outside Excellent stifling defense against the Tigers

Q1: 14 minutes left: Richmond 10 (6) vs. 00 (0) St Kilda – Another center clearance victory for Richmond, this time aided by a free kick for a high tackle This time St Kilda pushes back the first entry then cut the second shortly after However, coming out of the defense, they sent off on the center wing I don’t know what happened next as I’m pretty sure Bruce McAvaney misused the word skidmark

Q1: 15 minutes left: Richmond 10 (6) vs 00 (0) St Kilda – * Eerie music playing * Richmond wins center clearance A few nice hands in midfield create enough room for a hoof forward to the leader Lynch The returning spear marks strongly under special attention, goes up and films a nice fixed shot of 35m on a reasonable angle Quite the departure of the champions

Speaking of the anthems, Richmond looks focused tonight, unlike last week where Hardwick arrived late with a sheepish smile on his face

« We need to get the ball back to the ground, » Brett Ratten says as teams line up for the national anthem He identified Richmond’s ability to bounce off intercept marks as his best weapon

The first week of the final set the bar very high. Hopefully we are looking forward to the second and third week

It’s great to see a live blog for these games, this is my first season watching in full and not many (zero actually) like friends who took up this sport during the lockdown

I really enjoyed the season but still haven’t picked a team I can’t see past Richmond here

Welcome aboard the SD They are a good group below the line here, so I’m sure you’ll be inundated with nominations for a team to follow soon enough

Richmond is in the darkest version of his famous tape No Chance of the aesthetic mess we’re set for tomorrow when cats and pies reignite the boring Guernsey debate

Come on St Kilda, in the whitest version of their uniform Is their coach the most beloved man in football right now?

A special milestone for one of the best in the business Tonight marks Brett Ratten’s 400th AFL game as player / coach picTwittercom / DbGdDioWAp

Brisbane showed how to beat Richmond last week, and Geelong showed how not to beat them in Round 17 You have to attack, you can’t choke them They can’t be blocked because too often they turn a millimeter of space in goal The three teams most qualified to beat them in a shootout are Brisbane, Port and St Kilda, so Richmond has the worst possible run until the Grand Final That’s not to say they won’t, but they really will win it

I predict St Kilda will lead the game at some point, but that’s all I’m planning

Okay with this I think the definition of attack should also go beyond tactics and include the character Brisbane faced off against Richmond last week and refused to back down Once established they wouldn’t be pushed over the Tigers seemed deprived of a crucial advantage

It’s a beautiful clear night on the Gold Coast with the temperature around 20 ° C, kept under control by a light northerly breeze The Metricon Stadium (with dimensions similar to those of the MCG) has been nominated by Richmond like their home from home, and it’s a place that has served them well lately, with the Tigers enjoying a nine-game winning streak dating back to 2017 This season alone, they have beaten four finalists on the field

St Kilda is two out of three on the Gold Coast this year, all of whom were nailers

Unfortunately for me, the NRL and AFL games are going on at the same time, so I won’t be focusing on the rugby league and will be watching all I can of the rules

Roosters v Raiders in the NRL is going to be fantastic Harry, feel free to come back with any score updates as you please

It was a tough week at the selection table for Brett Ratten with three huge holes to fill for St Kilda’s biggest game in a decade Paddy Ryder had a day against the Western Bulldogs, but he finished the final playoff in tears, feeling an injury would rule him out for the rest of the finals series Jake Carlisle left the hub to attend the birth of his third child And Ben Long was wiped out by the match review board for stepping off the line and cleaning up Jack Macrae in last weekend’s win The Saints exhausted all avenues of appeal, but never seemed likely to succeed with clear evidence undermining any business they might have come up with.

The trio responsible for filling such big shoes are Josh Battle, Jonathon Marsh and Shane Savage The battle is just a reminder after the consistent defender missed the Bulldogs clash with sore feet, but Marsh has only appeared five times this season – and only once since round six – while Savage has not appeared. ‘played only once, in the ninth round

B: JMarais, DHoward, BPatonHB: NCoffield, CWilkie, JGearyC: BHill, SRoss, JBillingsHF: DButler, TMembrey, JSinclairF: DKent, MRoi, JBattleFOLL: RMarshall, ZJones, JSteeleI / C: SSLauvagebery, HClaronie : RAbbott, DRoberton, NHind, JWebster

Richmond is backed by the return of first goalscorer Tom Lynch after missing the qualifying final with a hamstring injury During this loss to Brisbane, the Tigers struggled to convert their game around from the field in a constant threat inside 50 with Harris Andrews in the back and Daniel Rich in front of him both excellent Nathan Broad is the other inclusion of Damien Hardwick, the hardworking defender making his first appearance since the 15th inning, and only his second since the 12th inning Jake Aarts and Mabior Chol are the pair to make room

B: DAstbury, DGrimes, NBaltaHB: LBaker, NVlastuin, BHouliC: KMcIntosh, JGraham, MPickettHF: SBolton, JCastagna, DMartinF: TLynch, JRiewoldt, DRioliFOLL: TNankervis, SEdwards, TCotchambertI, NL, DPrestgerest

Hello everyone and welcome to week two of the AFL Finals We feel like throwing up in sweaters (mom’s spaghetti) territory in this strangest season with only five sudden death contests remaining. remaining teams do not dare to lose the opportunity of a lifetime

Tonight offers a fascinating shock of storytelling In the Yellow and Black Corner, serial winners Richmond aim to put a reprehensible defeat in Brisbane behind them and remind the competition why they passed the majority of a year to chase a third flag in four seasons as prime minister favorites Meanwhile, the Saints Boondock are already in thin air after winning their first final in ten years last time against the Bulldogs For the Tigers tonight is all about calm and expectations For St Kilda it is about showing the world that they belong at the highest level – win or lose

Richmond will be among the clear favorites They finished higher up the ladder, wear decent form in the final and are battle hardened at this point in the season They did not dishonor each other in the loss to the Lions last week, and might well have enjoyed a week off if they had converted their territorial dominance to goals midway through the second quarter. The inclusion of Tom Lynch tonight will help matters on this point

St Kilda will appreciate the under-tagged tag and Brett Ratten will have spent the whole week encouraging his troops to take advantage of an opportunity where they have nothing to lose It is unfortunate that they are somewhat under-equipped with a crowd factors conspiring against them, but they will carry the confidence of victory the last time these teams met, back in the fourth round That night they threw a remarkable 153 and won despite losing the count inside the 50 They’ll likely need a similar quirk of fate if they are to win a trip to Adelaide Oval

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World news – UA – AFL 2020 semi-final: Richmond Tigers v St Kilda Saints – live!


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