World News – UA – Australian researchers refute pink salt health claims


Pink salt has become increasingly popular and fashionable since 2009 because people thought it was healthier than traditional white salt despite health claims that pink salt would help regulate blood sugar and the sleep cycle, researchers at Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) found that fashionable salt is not as healthy as people perceive it to be

Mark Bitterman, owner of The Meadow, which specializes in salts and other products, said that « when pink salt made its debut on the American scene, gray sea salt and fleur de sel French were making their debut, which are fancy salts And people seemed to believe they couldn’t be healthy « 

Eventually, people became drawn to the aesthetic Himalayan pink salt and got a farm-to-table idea behind it, said Megan O’Keefe of SaltWorks, a salt import company from readS The story of pink Himalayan salt mined from ancient seabed in the mountains has been fictionalized, she said

Pink salts have even made their way into the beauty industry as scrubs and bath salts There was also a time when Himalayan salt lamps were a fad with claims that they could improve mood, help solve sleep problems, improve allergies and purify the air

However, researchers discovered the actual content of pink salts The Nutrition Research Australia team tested 31 different pink salts found in Australian markets Contrary to popular belief, not all pink salts come from the mountains of the world. ‘Himalayas

Results showed the pink salt content was inconsistent and unpredictable Some salts did not contain iron or contained up to 15 milligrams per 100 grams of salt Calcium levels ranged from 50 mg to 500 mg per 100 grams

High levels of essential nutrients were also correlated with levels of heavy metals such as aluminum and lead Some pink salts contained up to 19mg / 100g aluminum and 029mg / 100g lead Both metals can have adverse health effects with excessive or long-term consumption

All locally sourced pink salts shared by Australian researchers, contained low levels of essential nutrients and heavy metals The main nutrients found in salts after sodium were calcium, magnesium and potassium However, the regular intake of salt within the recommended daily sodium limit does not provide the body with significant levels of essential nutrients

On the other hand, the main non-nutritive minerals found in salts were aluminum, silicon and sulfur Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore of NRAUS said their research debunks pink salt’s reputation for being a healthier alternative to other salts when, in fact, the nutrient levels are too low for it to be a constant source of. essential nutrients

Pink salt may look better, Fayet-Moore said, but there are healthier ways to improve the flavor and color of foods Spices and herbs such as paprika, turmeric, saffron and pink pepper are better alternatives

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Pink salt

Global news – AU – Australian researchers refute health claims of pink salt


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