World News – UA – Australian women stripped naked in horror flight after baby was found


Thirteen Australian women were dragged off a flight to Sydney and subjected to invasive examinations after a baby was found in a bathroom

MPs Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon criticized Qatari officials over an alleged incident involving Australian passengers as " scandalous" and an example of " state sanctioned sexual assault"

The government has expressed « serious concerns » about what happened to women who took off from a flight at a Doha airport Photo: Karim Jaafar / AFPSource: AFP

A gruesome story emerges from a Qatar Airways flight to Sydney, in which several Australian women were dragged away and subjected to invasive medical examinations after a baby was found in an airport toilet

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has expressed its « serious concerns » to the Qatari authorities after the shocking incident, described as « totally scandalous » by a senator

Flight QR 908 was en route to Sydney earlier this month when it landed for a transit stop at Hamad International Airport in Doha in Qatar

7 News reported that women at the airport, including 13 Australians, were taken off flights and forced to undergo « invasive » medical examinations during this period

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777 at Hamad International Airport in April Photo: Karim Jaafar / AFPSource: AFP

Qatari authorities forced women to take off their underwear in an ambulance on the airport tarmac

The women then underwent an ‘invasive examination’ of their genitals without their consent and without being told why

An airport spokesperson told 7 News the child was being taken care of by medical and social workers

« This is a complete abrogation of responsibility and privacy, » she said this morning on the Today show « These women didn’t deserve to go through this

« I certainly know Labor is very supportive This is behind the Australian government Expressing at the highest level our utter and utter outrage at this obscene treatment of any woman to be able to get through this invasion of privacy

« Of course it’s an incredibly tragic situation when a person loses a child But to then drag every woman you can possibly see and say OK we’re going to do this to you and they don’t know what’s going on

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« This is all just outrageous I sure wouldn’t want this to happen to me I’m sure you wouldn’t want this to happen to you, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you No woman would want this to happen without his express permission at all « 

Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon said if the incident was true it « amounts in effect to state sanctioned sexual assault »

« As a father my first thought was whether this was one of my daughters, » he said

« We should all be very concerned and the Australian government should be the firmest in its response »

National MP Joyce said it was « scandalous to think that so many women have suffered this kind of humiliation »

« What authority did they think they had the capacity to do this? » What did they hope to accomplish? »He said on Sunrise

Amnesty International called the incident « distressing and disturbing, and a flagrant violation of the human rights of these women »

« A full and independent investigation must be carried out and all those involved must be held to account, » said Samantha Klintworth, director of Amnesty International Australia 7 News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has « serious concerns » with the Qatari authorities over the incident

« The Australian government is aware of information regarding the treatment of female passengers, including Australian citizens, at Doha (Hamad) airport in Qatar, » a spokesperson said

« We have officially registered our serious concerns regarding the incident with the Qatari authorities and have been assured that detailed and transparent information on the event will be provided soon »

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World News – UA – Australian women stripped naked in horror flight after baby is found


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