World News – UA – Candice Warner discusses Sonny Bill Williams’ toilet date on SAS Australia


It was a drunken mistake that happened 13 years ago but Candice Warner is still haunted by her relationship with Sonny Bill Williams

Candice Warner was forced to talk about her unfortunate night with Sonny Bill Williams at the Clovelly Hotel on SAS Australia

In a heart-wrenching interrogation scene from the Channel 7 show that will air in this series, the Daily Mail reports that Candice, 35, confesses: “In my early twenties I made a really big mistake « 

Now married to cricketer David Warner and mother of three, Candice continues to be haunted by a drunken moment 13 years ago

« This is something that I am not proud of, but that I will never be able to take back, » she said

« I put myself in a situation where I shouldn’t have and because of that I brought embarrassment (and) shame to my family »

A member of the public used a cell phone to capture the connection between Candice and Williams at the Clovelly Hotel in the eastern suburbs of Sydney on a Saturday evening in April 2007

At the time, Candice, 22, was an iron woman and Williams, 21, was playing for the Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL The Bulldogs were celebrating their victory over the South Sydney Rabbitohs the night before

“He had been there for 2pm and I know he was really blind,” said Orr “I don’t know anything about Candice Falzon – all I’ve been told is that Sonny Bill has been brought home in a cab by (teammate) girlfriend Willie Mason just before midnight «  »

Williams – who had a girlfriend at the time – is reported to have gone so far as to buy as many newspapers as possible in her area so her partner could not check out his public exhibits with another woman He said he was so drunk he couldn’t remember the meeting

« I know it sounds so stupid to say I can’t remember anymore », said Williams « But I can honestly say I don’t remember anything »

Shortly after the incident was made public, Falzon said: « Nothing happened – it was out of proportion » Her then manager, Max Markson, said she was  » terribly embarrassed ”and then revealed her regrets about what had happened

« I made a mistake and I am very, very sorry for it, » said Falzon « I am aware of my image as a sportswoman and I have a responsibility towards young people Young girls look at me »

Speaking to the ABC Australian Story program in 2008, Candice said she didn’t think about the impact her actions would have later on

« I wasn’t in a state where I didn’t know what happened, but you don’t think about how your actions when you’re drunk can affect your life », she declared

« You really don’t. You are in your own little zone Although you are aware of what you are doing, you are not really »

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in 2012, she revealed how constant scrutiny and pressure from the public has made her think about killing herself

“I got a lot of media attention at a young age and I didn’t have a lot of results,” she said “I think people felt like I didn’t deserve not the attention I can understand this – all my intentions have been to try to promote the sport and to try to make ironwoman racing on everyone’s mind

« At a young age I had this profile and I think people forgot how young I was and they felt they could say whatever they wanted »

Candice had to deal with the « disgusting » insults of people who passed her on the streets in her own country, who « really cut her off »

But years after meeting Williams, she managed to put the storm behind her

« I came out on the other end It’s not part of my thinking It’s something that happened, that got really out of hand in the media, » she said in 2012


Candice and David Warner were the subject of ugly taunts during the Australian cricket team’s test tour to South Africa in 2018

In the first test, Warner faced South African goalkeeper Quinton de Kock in a stairwell in Durban after allegedly making a comment on Candice

The taunts continued in the second test in Port Elizabeth when some spectators wore Williams masks on the ground

Warner explained why he had to retrain himself physically from his teammates after hearing Kock’s « vile » comment about his wife

« I do it left, right and center, especially off the spectator field and I’m used to that and I don’t mind, » said Warner

« But near my personal space and behind me, a comment that was vile and disgusting about my wife, and in general about a woman, was quite poor, I felt

« My emotional response was just something I didn’t believe should have been said and I will always stand up for my family and in this case my teammates too »

SAS Australia sees Australian celebrities undergo a series of physical and psychological tests from the real Special Forces selection process

An elite team of former Special Forces soldiers subject them to extreme physical endurance, sleep deprivation, interrogation and psychological testing, pushing the stars beyond their limits with every step of the way

Unfortunately for Candice, it meant stepping back in time, even after she tried to put the matter to bed for good after the South Africa tour

« I finally got a weak apology from Cricket South Africa (for taunts from the fans) I realized it was they who were ashamed, not me, » she said after returning to the house

« I would like to apologize to Sonny Bill He is husband and father, so imagine how his wife and children would feel

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World News – AU – Candice Warner discusses washroom appointment in Sonny Bill Williams on SAS Australia


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