World News – UA – Coastal operators smoke after news of border lockdowns


GOLD Coast operators are furious over Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to keep borders closed in greater Sydney

Tourism and business executives released on Friday October 30 after the much-anticipated state border announcement, which revealed one of Queensland’s largest tourist markets – worth around $ 20million dollars a day for the state economy – has been officially locked

Coolangatta Komune Resort and Beach Club owner Tony Cannon took to Facebook to vent his frustrations, saying the Friday, November 30 decision instantly killed Christmas and New Years hotels

“In good times without COVID, most tourism businesses make 30-50% or more of their annual profits in December and January,” he said.

« This Christmas business allows them to spend the rest of the year where you break even for several months

“Yesterday we had massive cancellations of Christmas bookings from Sydney and even other states due to the lack of certainty in Queensland from customers who had planned Christmas based on Annastacia’s promise to reopen the first of November

« Annastacia’s decision yesterday canceled any chance most tourism businesses had to be successful next year

“Next year, there is no more JobKeeper gravy train to keep the business alive Why? Because there has been only one community transmission in New South Wales in the last two weeks on a population of 8 million people!

« It gets absolutely ridiculous where one person’s re-election and popularity poll data is killing millions of livelihoods and jobs and costing billions of dollars.

“I have been 100% supportive and committed to the efforts of all governments so far to control this virus

We have made huge changes to our business to adapt to a COVIDSafe environment like many others have.

« Our support was conditional on resuming work and opening borders as soon as our health system clearly had this problem under control.

« NSW and QLD have, for four consecutive months, demonstrated that they can get the virus under control and keep business open with their systems

« The Gold Coast (and Australia) is headed for a bloodbath next year when JobKeeper ends in March and banks start to pull their life-sustaining business and charge them interest or sell.

“Medical, health and government systems have had 8 months to figure out how to control the spread and companies have 100% backed this effort with their COVID secure operating plans

We must learn to adapt to life with this virus and have systems to control it

“The community came together to support the healthcare system and did an amazing job across Australia

« They will continue to do this, provided logic prevails in the decision making, otherwise it will degenerate into a competitive shit show like Europe and America when people are desperate and have no money.

“Based on the COVID rules declared by Annastacia, we will NEVER reopen in Sydney and Melbourne until a vaccine (which no one is likely to take) and therefore millions of jobs will be lost next year in the tourism, hotel and airline industry

“We need to learn how to live and manage COVID in Queensland while allowing all businesses to safely open COVID as has been done in NSW

« State prime ministers should be concerned about Australia’s welfare above all else, not spreading division with this slogan ‘I protect Queensland’ as Australia as a whole suffers We are one country

« Sorry for the rant but so many people have no idea what will happen next year if this border situation is not resolved immediately (eg today) and Queensland kicks in and builds a system for manage and eliminate risks  »

It’s on the backs of Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate begging Prime Minister Scott Morrison not to remove JobKeeper or other stimulus from March 30, but to keep it going until June 30, giving more time to companies struggling to get back on their feet


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Tony Cannon, owner of Komune Resort and Beach Club in Coolangatta&, rants after border lock announcement
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