World News – UA – Dazzling pigeon has landed at Gawler Place


The humble pigeon will reach new heights with the installation at Gawler Place of Pigeon, a tribute to those feathered townspeople who inhabit many city centers, including our very own Rundle Mall

Pigeon is a larger than life geometric sculpture located in the south of Gawler Place, near the Nespresso boutique It will transform this part of the street into a space that invites people to stop, connect and explore

Adelaide Mayor Sandy Verschoor said Pigeon is a unique and iconic piece of art that will be a calling card for the newly revamped Gawler Square

« Public art is designed to engage people and celebrate the essence of a place We all know our feathered friends in the mall, and this sculpture celebrates them in an original and intriguing way, encouraging passers-by to stop and take an interest in the artwork, ”said the Lord Mayor

« This exciting piece of public art will build on the existing heritage of public art throughout the city and add to Adelaide’s reputation as a place of culture, creativity and innovation. »

Rundle Mall Managing Authority Chief Executive Officer Johanna Williams said such a striking sculpture would be a destination in itself, which would have positive effects on Rundle Mall

“The retail industry is constantly evolving and delivering enjoyable experiences both in-store and off-store is critical to attracting visitors and encouraging them to stay, especially given the recent impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on traders, ”she said

« As one of the city’s most important links, the modernized Gawler Place has become a more welcoming place, complementing private investment and further enhancing the customer experience

« This unique, surprising and dazzling sculpture will bring interactive fun to the mall and Gawler Place as people stop and admire our new pigeon friend »

Nationally and internationally acclaimed South Australian artist Paul Sloan is the creator of Pigeon, which stands over two meters tall and is made of mirror stainless steel

Paul’s vision was to raise the status of the humble pigeon from an omnipresent and neglected creature to the realm of awe and wonder

« I consider the pigeons to be proud flankers, roaming our leisure and retail spaces They are the discreet witnesses of our daily activities in the city, our day-to-night watchers, » said Paul

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World news – UA – Dazzling pigeon has landed at Gawler Place


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