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World News – UA – Divers find body of Brisbane man near Devil’s Pool in far north Queensland

Shanon Hoffman entered the water around 6 p.m. on Monday and was reported missing 2.5 hours later, sparking an extensive search

The submerged body of a 37-year-old Brisbane man was found by police divers on Wednesday near the famous and popular Far North Queensland swimming spot known as Devil’s Pool

Shanon Hoffman entered the water around 6 p.m. on Monday and was reported missing around 2.5 hours later, prompting an extensive search at Babinda Boulders, about 50 kilometers south of Cairns

The dangerous body of water in the Babinda Boulders, south of Cairns, containing the area known as Devil’s PoolCredit: Queensland Police Department

The victim’s friend, a 32-year-old man, sounded the alarm after seeing the victim last climbing on nearby rocks before losing sight of him and never seeing him again

Acting Inspector Brett Jenkins said he believed 17 or 18 people had died in the past 60 years in the body of water, which is now fenced and covered with warning signs

The victim’s body was found around 1015 a.m. and very close to where the body of 18-year-old student Madison Tam was found in April, after she failed to resurface while swimming with friends

« This area is about 200 meters upstream from the area commonly known as the Devil’s Pool, » Acting Inspector Jenkins said

« The next of kin have been informed and are clearly very distressed and upset by the outcome. I would like to express our deepest condolences to the family members at this very difficult time

« It [the body’s location] was very close to where it was last seen – it’s right next to a place called the second vantage point

« [This is] an area that is restricted due to the danger of this swimming area, so this area is well signposted and there is a five foot high fence all along the boundaries

« This whole area is notorious, it is extremely dangerous, there are many areas of deep water currents which can very easily take even the strongest of swimmers underneath

« It’s limited for a good reason because it’s so dangerous we have to really stress and reach people because families are affected when people recklessly disobey warning signs »

Acting Inspector Jenkins said family members of the victim had traveled to Cairns and would arrange for the body to be returned to Brisbane

« While they were prepared for the worst it always became an incredible pain, it is very traumatic for the family, » he said

Acting Inspector Jenkins said the victim’s friend was also returning to Brisbane « very distressed and very upset »

Rapid water rescue crews helped police divers search the waters, which have dangerous currentsCredit: Queensland Police Department

The search involved rapid water rescue personnel from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, SES volunteers, paramedics and police Police divers flew from Brisbane and joined the search on Tuesday afternoon

At least 45 people participated in the search and rescue operation at all times

Acting Inspector Jenkins said that a water point in the Babinda Boulders area was open to the public for swimming, but no swimming was allowed anywhere downstream of the area of main swim

Babinda Boulders, Queensland, Babinda, Cairns

World News – UA – Divers find the body of a Brisbane man near Devil’s Pool in the far north of Queensland

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