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Dramatic footage shows police and anti-lockdown protesters clashing in Melbourne’s central business district – as city enjoys its first week free from severe restrictions

Violence has erupted during an anti-lockout protest in Melbourne, as the city enjoys its first week of freedom amid severe restrictions since the implementation of the fourth phase of the lockdown

Police and protesters clashed in Parliament on Tuesday, with capsicum spray used and protesters forced to the ground and arrested by police

Tensions soared at anti-lockdown rally at Parliament in Melbourne Dozens of arrest Capsicum spray used Protesters chanted « the issue of human rights » and « freedom » before the police intervene to remove them one by one imageTwittercom / CZEZkc5lt6

The protest started at noon in the city center on the day of the Melbourne Cup, a public holiday in Victoria

It quickly turned into heavy clashes in the street outside Parliament on Spring Street

Persistent anti-lockdown protesters have said they ‘will not forget’ the strict 112-day measures imposed on Melbourne as they descend into Parliament for another rally

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clashed violently with police in Melbourne, resulting in the arrest of 16 people and 96 penalty notices

Hundreds of people were seen gathered at the foot of the Parliament steps in Melbourne, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Dan Andrews

Protesters carried signs saying « Don’t trust the government » and shouted for the police to join them in their rally

Dozens of people were arrested by police, who formed a circle around the protesters and were previously seen deploying capsicum spray

Organizers of the protest scheduled for noon on Melbourne Cup day said they were continuing even after the city’s lockdown was lifted to call on the PM to step down

They said they believe coronavirus restrictions have not been relaxed enough and called for more freedom

« Daniel Andrews presided over the worst pandemic response of any head of state by an extraordinary margin

« We won’t forget Of all the Australian states and territories, Victoria endured the toughest and longest lockdowns »

On Monday, a single message in an encrypted thread used to communicate to hundreds of protesters read: « Midi Parliament Cup Day This is not enough, Dan »

Victoria Police said they were aware of the planned rally and would conduct a major public order operation in response

« Everyone has the right to demonstrate peacefully, as long as this is in accordance with the instructions of the health official and does not impact the rest of the community, who also have the right to go about their business daily, « a spokeswoman told me

« Anyone entering the city in flagrant violation of instructions or seeking to disrupt others, create conflict and incite violence can expect a very strong response from the police

« The instructions from the health director are very clear on the need to avoid groups of more than 10 people gathering in public places in the Melbourne metropolis to prevent the spread of the coronavirus »

A policeman had to be taken to hospital in the latest anti-lockout protest on October 23 after clashes between cops and protesters turned ugly

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Melbourne Protest, Daniel Andrews

World News – UA – Dozens arrested in lockdown protest


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