World News – UA – Elizabeth Lee named ACT opposition leader


A man who murdered one woman and seriously injured another in a rampage at Sydney CBD last year has pleaded guilty

New ACT opposition leader Elizabeth Lee says Liberals in Canberra must change direction after sixth straight election loss 10 days ago

Ms Lee became Leader of the Opposition this morning after the party suffered its latest electoral defeat last weekend

In the party’s first meeting since its defeat in the election, Giulia Jones was also elected deputy leader

Alistair Coe, who led the party for four years until the election, did not seek to remain in charge

Ms. Lee thanked M Coe and his deputy Nicole Lawder for their work leading the party over the past four years

« The election result was not what we wanted and there is a lot to be learned from it Canberra spoke very loudly and we have to listen, » she says

« We had a positive message that we conveyed to the election campaign, but for some reason it did not come to pass »

She said a party-commissioned scrutiny of the election would get to the bottom of the issue

The final election result became clear over the weekend, with the Liberals winning nine seats to Labor’s 10 and Greens’ six and an overall swing against the Liberals of 29 percent

The party has faced calls for change in light of the outcome, with former Liberal Senator and Chief Minister Gary Humphries arguing it needs to become more moderate to appeal to the Canberrans

A lawyer before joining ACT’s Legislative Assembly in 2016, Ms Lee was the Liberals’ education and environment critic

She immigrated to Australia from South Korea as a child and has lived in ACT since she was 18

His new deputy, Giulia Jones, noted that this was the first time in ACT politics that a party was led by an all-female team

« It is our duty to hold the government to account, and we will do so with passion and dignity »

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World News – AU – Elizabeth Lee appointed leader ACT opposition


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