World News – UA – From anthems to boomerangs, Kiwi trainer Dave Rennie agrees with Wallabies


Before Dave Rennie arrives in Australia as the Wallabies’ second overseas coach after Robbie Deans, relatives of the former Chiefs and the Glasgow boss could testify that attention to detail was a particularly strong asset

Rennie, the 56-year-old Kiwi, inherited from the Cook Islands, now living in Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast, hates leaving anything to chance Clarity is king

The Wallabies’ reaction to the haka in Bledisloe’s first two games was certainly not something Rennie would leave to chance

Some may think exercise is frivolous, but for Rennie, given his background, he thinks it is critically important

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“We didn’t want to spend a lot of time around the haka, but I wanted the boys to understand what haka is and that we find a way to embrace it,” Rennie told the Sydney Morning Herald “A lot of players say they love it and the energy it brings Maybe historically there have been some players who feel intimidated by it

“Ka Mate is obviously different from Kapa o Pango What we have tried to do is come up with something that is unique to us About us staying strong and thinking about our DNA, indigenous people being a big part of our history « 

After discussions between the game team, a symbolic response to the haka has been carefully crafted

“We went out with our boomerang formation because it’s unique to us,” said Rennie “The boys aren’t tied and we got split feet because it’s a stronger stance If you were pushed feet together, you’d fall When the All Blacks do the haka, they’ll have their feet split We are standing, rather than tied, arms by our side We are ready to fight and accept the challenge

« The idea with the boomerang is that we throw the boomerang, it hovers over them, chopping their words, then comes back and brings us back an energy. It will make more sense with the native jersey »

Rennie says there will be a slight twist just before kickoff at 7 Saturday at 45:00 with Australia wearing their First Nations band, and they’ll need all that energy on their side. they want to atone for a 27-7 loss to Eden Park and keep the Bledisloe series alive

However, three weeks ago when Rennie walked into the Aussie coaches box in Wellington he wasn’t sure what he would feel when the New Zealand anthem started.

« I wasn’t moved when the New Zealand national anthem played, » said Rennie « Normally I would get up and sing it I Won’t Hold »

Rennie’s predecessor Michael Cheika encouraged his Argentinian assistant Mario Ledesma to join us as the Pumas sang their national anthem at matches

As Rennie says, when he enlists, he really commits After months of negotiations with Rugby Australia last year and Cheika’s Wallabies are officially on fire after the World Cup disaster, the All Blacks came knocking on the door

A source close to the negotiations told the Herald the All Blacks, but told Rennie if he put his name in the ring, it was his job

Rennie is a man of principle who embraced the vision of Raelene Castle, then Managing Director of RA, and Director of Rugby Scott Johnson His message to New Zealand Rugby: thank you, but no thank you

He has yet to convince the Australian rugby public, who are still grappling with another Kiwi coaching the Wallabies It’s a good start, to be fair

« He broke a bit of ground, didn’t he, » said Rennie from Deans « It’s probably difficult for an Australian crowd to accept a foreigner who comes in and coaches their national team In New Zealand it’s hard to see this happening from an All Blacks perspective.You look at the rest of our national teams – rugby league, hockey and cricket – and there are a lot of Australian coaches coming in. p>

« I understand this will polarize opinion I imagine there would have been mixed feelings when it was announced In general people are quite welcoming Ultimately we will be judged on the results

« Some people might think I’m only here for the short term, or maybe I’m not concerned about the future of rugby in Australia. It couldn’t be further from the truth »

While singing Advance Australia Fair at Sky Stadium wouldn’t have affected the outcome of the opener, Rennie didn’t hesitate in the minutes leading up to Australia’s gallant 16-16 draw.

“Getting up and singing the Australian anthem was a proud moment There was no regrets,” said Rennie “Wellington is where I started my professional career It was a bit ironic that I had a lot of family and friends in the crowd and many of them were cheering for Australia

« I have a lot of guys I’ve coached for the All Blacks and still have a strong relationship with them, but there’s no way I wouldn’t want to get over them »

The songs became a common theme with Rennie, whose love for a guitar session was quickly sniffed out by Australian journalists

He wanted the team to invent their own ‘Australian anthem’, which they would broadcast after the meetings

Initially, it was Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Man, before the band decided on a more recognizable tune

« We have a diverse group, many of whom were not born in this country, » said Rennie « But they came here and made a commitment to the land »

On and off the pitch, Rennie knows the Wallabies have a long way to go.They are essentially five weeks into a three-year plan to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup

It’s no secret they need to tackle, avoid spitting the ball, and kick smarter while playing in the right areas of ANZ Stadium

Sydney’s recent record is disastrous, with three losses to the Kiwis from 2016 to 2018 by an average margin of 263 points

Forget the story Forget 2019 It’s a clean slate and Rennie knows he has to earn your respect

He is sure to say fewer words than Cheika and many are convinced that he might be able to whip up a few more W’s next to his name

“We know we’re good enough, but we’ll have to be at our best for 80 minutes,” said Rennie “If we get the job done, we’re going to sniff the next weekend There’s a lot to play

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News from the world – UA – From hymns to boomerangs, Kiwi trainer Dave Rennie agrees with the Wallabies


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