World News – UA – « He Takes The P *** »: Most overlooked aspect of Gary Ablett’s « immortal » legacy


Leigh Montagna couldn’t help but laugh halfway through his former club’s first clash in 2013 as Ablett, at the absolute peak of his AFL career at Gold Coast , « Torn St Kilda »

The Montagna Saints that night led by no less than 21 points at the start of the third term Then Ablett, as he did so often at the Suns, put his club on his back and went into full GOAT mode

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The Little Master would score four of his team’s next seven goals to inspire the Suns with just their seventh victory in their short but disappointing history, at this point

« We tried three different guys on him Clint Jones, I think started with him, Sam Gilbert tried – we literally couldn’t stop him, » Montagna told foxfootycomau

« It was actually one of those times when I was on the pitch thinking, ‘He takes the piss We can’t put nobody on him »

It’s an evening that also immediately springs to mind for former Montagna teammate Nick Dal Santo when asked to reflect on Ablett’s legacy ahead of the Richmond-Geelong Grand Final Saturday, which will be Ablett’s 357th and final AFL game

Dal Santo specifically remembers Gilbert dropping an undisputed mark inside the Gold Coast 50 forward that allowed Ablett to pounce The Suns-era skipper picked up the Sherrin, gave to Gilbert an almost hubristic ‘don’t argue’ while pulling away from the potential Saints tackle, exploded towards the limit and scored a right-footed goal at 45m It was weird

Suns fans aren’t known to make a lot of noise in home games But the goal caused a tingling roar – and bad memories for Dal Santo

« It was slippery, it was a night game, it was really dewy… and they basically won the game behind Gaz’s last quarter, » Dal Santo told foxsportscomau’s Jacob Polychronis

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« From memory, he had something like 10 or 12 touches and two or three goals in the last quarter

« It’s a team that had been terrible and a lot of the guys on that team in Gold Coast weren’t great And then you’ve got a guy that stands out head and shoulders above everyone « 

Ablett would end the game with 41 of 34 assignments, 19 contested possessions, 11 scoring commitments, nine clearances, six inside 50s and won 756m He also polled three Brownlow votes – the first of seven best performances on the field for the 2013 season on his way to a total of 28 votes, which earned him a second Brownlow medal in a year his club finished 14th on the scale

At the same time, Geelong – the club Ablett loved as a child and won two flags but left at the end of 2010 – would produce another wave of prime ministerial posts, only to fall short of a few goals in the prelim

When the football world reflects on Ablett’s career, the common consensus is that he is the greatest player of the modern era, with Lance Franklin in second

We’re in awe of his CV: two prime ministerial positions (maybe three by Saturday night), two Brownlow medals, five AFLPA MVPs, eight All-Australians and six better and fairer, including two in the years of Geelong’s first post

We think of the Cats’ snap transformation from a podgy striker with ‘son of a gun’ status to a superstar midfielder with a legacy of his own , not a single one being stuck in his famous shadow of the father

We could even consider Geelong’s famous homecoming after the 2017 season for a last chance at a flag and a fairytale ending


It was a time when much more was demanded of him, both on and off the pitch – and he delivered A Time ultimately hampered by injury setbacks that will always threaten to overshadow his on-pitch accomplishments at Gold Coast

Cameron Mooney, former Premier of Geelong teammate, believes Ablett’s decision to join the Suns ahead of the 2011 season will leave some pundits and fans wondering « what if »

« I think the years on the Gold Coast, to win a Brownlow was just huge He had no help or protection like he did in Geelong, » Mooney told foxfootycomau

« I thought he was a better player in Gold Coast But since there was no big Friday night, because there was no final, because there was no of the grand finale, you just saw it for 22 games a year – and that was it

« When people talk about him it’s kind of the legacy (question mark) that they might say, ‘Well, is he that good? « Because he just didn’t play in big games for so long and we missed him And when he finally came back to Geelong to play in big games he had surpassed his best

« If Gary played Geelong during those years rather than the Gold Coast he would have played in the final, maybe another grand final or two

« But you look at his CV and he is one of the greatest players – if not the greatest player of the modern age – of all time »

For Montagna, Ablett’s move to the Suns only strengthens his position in AFL history.The fact that he averages more clearances and contested possessions per game at Gold Coast than Geelong shows how much harder he worked

“I think that’s what adds to his legacy as the greatest of all time in that he’s gone from the best team and clearly the best player in the competition to come in, from away, in the worst team in the competition – and was always the best player in the competition, « said Montagna » It’s actually hard to sum this up « 

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Triple Prime Minister Lion Alastair Lynch was one of the few members of the Queensland football media to witness Ablett’s football peak firsthand

“When he got to the Gold Coast and I was doing just about every Gold Coast home game for Fox Footy, you just knew what you were going to get,” Lynch told foxfootycomau “You knew that you were going to get over 30 assignments he is not going to fumble and he is not going to fall into a team that was doing badly

« What he was able to do on the Gold Coast on a regular basis over there was just bankable and amazing to watch. He was amazing, just a superstar

« I saw him at his best in a struggling team. He got a lot of attention from the opposition teams because the Suns were still developing

« His ability to be clean in traffic, get clearances, step out into space and drive the ball forward 50 – you just knew what you were going to get »

The most phenomenal aspect of Ablett’s resume is the fact that his eight All-Australian jackets came in consecutive seasons From 2007 to 2014, Ablett was named the starting rover of all Australian teams while he consistently finished seasons with an average of over 30 eliminations and one goal per game

For all of the experts asked by foxfootycomau to reflect on his legacy, Ablett’s ability to perform at such a high level for an extended period of time remains unmatched – and will be hard to surpass

« His legacy is his ability to be cohesive – and when I say cohesive, cohesive at a level that no one else has reached is almost immortal what he was able to accomplish, » said the former Hawks sniper Ben Dixon at foxfootycomau

« I always look at legacy as a sand dune People build their legacy over time and then a big gust of wind can it blow really fast There’s never been a gust of wind to do fall Gas It was so strong

« Rightly so, one of the largest sand dunes in the world is called the Star Dune, which rises to 755 feet Gary’s Legacy in the Desert He is taller than anyone I have never seen « 

Montagna added: « We didn’t see a player for eight consecutive years dominating a competition like Gary Ablett did between 2007 until he made his shoulder in 2014 No player has come close to being as good as him The standard, the constant shine over this long period is something we have to look back on and just a marvel « 

Western Bulldogs Games record holder Brad Johnson said: « He was the best down there. He never complicated the game, Gary, and he did everything right. the best modern-day player I’ve seen « 

Legendary Hawthorn goalkeeper Jason Dunstall said: “He has set the benchmark for consistency so high as a star midfielder, every week, for so many years I think he set a mark that others must aspire to pursue « 

Dunstall also noted how much time Ablett always seemed to have on the pitch and how he made opponents ‘look slow’, while Dixon added that Ablett wouldn’t have been caught holding the ball too long. times during this stunning eight-year streak

Ablett is also considered one of the best in-50 kicks in the game, always seemingly putting the ball to the advantage of his teammates … well, most of the time, in Mooney’s case

« It was beautiful (leading to Ablett when he was kicking the ball) The only problem was when (brother) Nathan Ablett was playing with us I could be alone 20m and Nathan could have a three on one and Gaz would try. always kicking Nathan, ”Mooney said with a laugh. « After a while I had to sit him down and say ‘man you have to stop kicking your brother’

« But the way he could weigh the kick was first class If he was around 50, you just gave him the ball because you know he had his leg on him to kick it

/ p>

Planning to downsize Ablett was just as threatening a task for his rivals as doing it physically when he was at his best

Even last week, in Geelong’s preliminary final victory over Brisbane, Ablett got the upper hand over direct opponent Daniel Rich and opened the game in the third term with two crucial goals

Dal Santo says no modern day player has been more a consumer for teams when planning to fight opposing teams than Ablett

“We tried everything,” said Dal Santo “We had Clint Jones tag him, we had guys who clashed with him in midfield and then brought in a half-forward to try and get him. minimize around saves, two-to-one around any save, there are the wingers at the back of a save waiting for him trying to stop his influence a bit

« His influence on games, his ability to read the game, his ability to be in the right position in big moments… it’s no coincidence that he and guys like him are always in the right place

/ p>

« The number of times you get off the ground and you look at the numbers and Gaz has had 28 (assignments) and 20 of them are kicks and you say, ‘Oh my God, that didn’t not worked «  »

But as Dixon points out, it’s not just on the pitch where Ablett has gained admirers

Off the pitch, he has been a first-class citizen and an outstanding ambassador of Australian game, code and sport

« He’s one of the ultimate models you could ask for in an AFL industry »

So 19 years of Ablett hype and brilliance culminate in a much-anticipated grand finale between his cats and the Tigers

He won’t rack up more than 30 Assignments like he did in his heyday, but his ability to sway the scoreboard and bring his teammates into the game will never be more crucial.

« Does this change his legacy regarding his career? » I don’t know if another prime minister’s post makes a huge difference because he already has two He has all the other individual accolades

« I just think it would be the perfect end for one of the greatest players of all time – an incredible way to end a career

« For him, and for those who doubt him and what he might have done, it just gives him one more to see how this conversation changes for those skeptics »

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Gary Ablett

World news – UA – « He takes the *** »: Most overlooked aspect of Gary Ablett’s « immortal » legacy



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