World News – UA – Hope lost for finding shark attack victim Andrew Sharpe alive after search ends for second day


WA Police say they have lost all hope of finding beloved surfer Andrew Sharpe alive after being attacked by a shark Friday morning during a surf break near Esperance on the south coast of Western Australia

« We unfortunately have no hope for the survival of M Sharpe, « said Senior Sergeant Justin Tarasinski

After a second day of searching, authorities recovered two pieces of suit, believed to be that of Mr. Sharpe, in the ocean near where he was surfing, but police say she should be tested for DNA

A piece of his surfboard was also beached on Friday with « obvious signs of a shark attack »

The prominent local man was attacked while surfing the famous Wylie Bay kelp bed break around 11:00 a.m. on Friday

Up to eight surfers were in the water at the time and witnessed the attack, along with passers-by on the beach

Emergency services, including four police divers, searched the water, near where Mr. Sharpe was attacked, all day Saturday, only ending their efforts due to bad weather around 2:00 p.m.

« We will continue as long as possible and it’s about trying to end M’s family Sharpe, « said Sergeant Tarasinski

Sergeant Tarasinski said that since divers searched in the middle of a surf break, it was not possible for them to use a shark cage, resulting in an element of risk

Several other local and state government authorities assisted in the research, including the Southern Ports Authority, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the Hope Shire

Police said even locals took their pleasure boats out to sea to help with search efforts

Sergeant Tarasinski stated that M Sharpe was a ‘valued and valued’ resident of Hope and his presumed death had devastated the close-knit community of the coastal town

David Swan, local veterinarian and member of the Esperance Ocean Safety group committee, offered his condolences to the man’s family

« Many thanks to all the first responders trying to help and just a sincere apology and condolence to the family »

« I urge Premier Mark McGowan to come and meet with us, » he said

« We have mitigation strategies unique to Esperance that are absolutely achievable, we have the support of the whole community here

« We want local fisheries to be allowed to immediately drop deadly percussions in the event of an attack

« We [also] have an imminent threat policy, so if a shark is hanging out around the populated beaches of the bay here or West Beach or the Kelp Beds, this smart battery may be happening »

« We have a number of people in this community who have a lot of skills and information about sharks, they are people who make a living from the sea, they can tell their part of the story, » he m ‘said

« My deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Mr. Sharpe, and to all those who responded to this tragic news, « he said

« I would like to thank once again all of the first responders and emergency, support and volunteer staff who are currently involved in the recovery efforts

Over the past decade, there have been fatal shark attacks in the region, and more broadly around the Esperance Coast

In 2014, 23-year-old surfer Sean Pollard was attacked by a shark at the beach, losing his arm and another hand

Three years later, Laeticia Brouwer, 17, died after being bitten by a white shark in the same area

Diver Gary Johnson was killed on Cull Island, off the coast of Esperance, in January of this year

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Hope Shark Attack

World News – UA – Hope Lost for Finding Shark Attack Victim Andrew Sharpe alive after search for second is completed day


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