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The Premier of New South Wales faces an Icac hearing where she denied knowing about the inappropriate conduct of former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire, despite her in a «  close personal relationship  » Follow the audience live

NSW Opposition Leader Jodi McKay may have called on Gladys Berejiklian to step down

Gladys Berejiklian cannot enter parliament tomorrow as Premier of New South Wales, given her testimony at the ICAC today She must resign

In the first, from February 2018, Maguire and Berejiklian discuss his potential retirement from politics

« I’m just trying to let you think about what to do and all that, that’s all, » she said

« I’m not doing anything until the end of the year to see how it all goes »

He then says: « Country Garden has fucking failed, » a reference to Chinese development company Berejiklian says she doesn’t know what that means

Robertson asks, « Is it fair to say that in February 2018, as you understood, Mr. Maguire was considering stepping down from parliament but wanted to make sure he had something to do after parliament? « 

She agrees and says, « I hope I made it clear that this was a question for him and that I would deal with it accordingly »

Robertson: « He was looking to make deals and make a profit to put himself in a financial position so he wouldn’t go to nothing? »

We then hear another phone call between her and Maguire, this time from May 3, 2018

Didn’t fall asleep while driving – we are still waiting for the hearing to resume after a private session The hearing went dark about half an hour ago to listen to another intercepted phone conversation between the Prime Minister and Maguire

Today marks the start of the third week of the Independent Commission Against Corruption public hearings into the conduct of former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire

The investigation seeks to find out whether the former MP used his civil service to improperly gain an advantage for himself or for G8way International, a company he « effectively controlled »

He’s previously heard Maguire demanded payments to help negotiate deals for Chinese real estate developers and helped ‘grease the wheels’ of a deal to sell the land of racing heiress Louise Waterhouse near from Sydney West Airport proposed in 2017 and 2018

We all thought Gladys Berejiklian was called as a witness after the investigation learned that Maguire gave her direct email address to Waterhouse But, in a startling revelation this morning, Berejiklian admitted that she interviewed a close personal relationship with the deputy since 2015 She only ceased contact with him last month.We also learned that Berejiklian had already appeared in a private hearing in August

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was asked about what happened in Icac today He calls it a « surprise »

This is a matter before this commission and a matter for the government of New South Wales I have worked well with the Premier of New South Wales for many years, but this ‘is a question for her and an ongoing investigation, and I have no intention of commenting on these matters, as you might expect.

These are all new revelations which have obviously come to me as news but the work the Prime Minister has done in New South Wales to deal with the Covid-19 crisis has been exemplary

We are now listening to music on hold as the commission listens to a privately intercepted phone call This is the second time this has happened in today’s hearings We are told it is because the ‘call may unnecessarily reveal private information about the prime minister

We listened to another intercepted phone call in which Berejiklian told Maguire that she didn’t need to know about the former MP’s activities with real estate developers

In the tape, Maguire tells Berejiklian that he « introduced my boyfriend » and adds, « Do you know my boyfriend? »

Maguire refers to his « polite-headed » friend, then says: « You don’t need to know why »

Robertson asks the Prime Minister if she has had any further conversations with Maguire after receiving two emails from Louise Waterhouse in November 2016

She says she doesn’t remember any Then we listen to another intercepted phone call in which Maguire talks about « problems, big problems » with the Waterhouse land

The PM was expected to finish his testimony now, but assistant lawyer Scott Robertson says he still has a long way to go

The Prime Minister wanted to move forward without a lunch break, saying: “Can we continue? I have status questions « 

Another phone intercept is played Maguire speaks to Berejiklian again about the Waterhouse land issue

You go, she’ll send you an email She’s really pissed off now, you know, about the airport They all pass the bullet

Assistant lawyer Scott Robertson continues to ask why she wouldn’t have forwarded Waterhouse’s emails to the appropriate agency?

I imagine that, because it may not have been an issue requiring the involvement of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is not happy and asks if the work can continue and be finalized because she has important issues to settle

If I had the impression that another sector of government was taking care of this, I would not have thought that the Prime Minister of the day should have abandoned everything

She said the email was « spotty » It wasn’t the usual way people communicated with the prime minister, she said

Berejiklian is asked what she did with emails from real estate developer and racing heiress Louise Waterhouse, asking for government help on her land near Sydney West Airport Maguire was being paid to help Waterhouse

/ p>

Berejiklian said she asked her office to search for these emails and no action has been taken on them

My office informed me that they could not find any recording that I forwarded any of these emails to or that my office responded to in any way

I would never conduct a meeting without my staff present and without a formal schedule However, I have allowed pop-ins Members wanted to present things to me or things urgently presented themselves

Did she know of Maguire’s attempts to get her to step in and help Waterhouse sell his land?

Maguire tells her that Waterhouse has a « big problem » with the sale of her land. She wanted road access to her block of land

Maguire says he involved NSW officials and staff from Berejiklian’s office in a meeting to help Waterhouse

They won’t do anything So I got Roads, I got Jock down, and I got a nigga from you there And I asked them to put their heads together and say, « Look, why don’t you can’t you solve this problem? ” Honestly, nobody wants to do anything

Maguire also told Berejiklian that an email would come to his office at Waterhouse

Berejiklian said she assumed Maguire fully and correctly disclosed her interests and financial transactions, as required

Berejiklian said she « would not have hesitated » to report her actions if she had had any idea that Maguire had committed a wrongdoing

I had no reason to believe that I should be interested in what was his interest, his topic, and I would also have assumed that he would have made the appropriate disclosures

He is reminded that Maguire told him he was about to make a lot of money from a deal with Badgerys Creek (the site of Sydney’s West Airport), a project that was of a of great importance to the government of New South Wales

The Commissioner of Icac, Ruth McColl, talks about her position to the Prime Minister She reminds the Prime Minister that she has had « a number of conversations with Mr. Maguire in which he explained to you that someone called William was making a deal in Badgerys Creek, if that deal was affected he wouldn’t have to worry about his financial situation , you know his financial situation was that he was in debt to the tune of about $ 1.5m « 

Berejiklian then learned that Maguire was about to earn a huge sum of money in Badgerys Creek, which would help him pay off his debts.

Were you at this point concerned that Mr. Maguire was telling you about a deal in which he would make a profit as an MP on a large-scale investment that the NSW government was concerned about?

Berejiklian says Maguire ‘always spoke big’ about offers She says much of what he said was ‘fancy’

I would not have reported an issue at this point, as he was still talking wholesale offers and they always seemed to fail

Icac heard that Maguire told Berejiklian that if the ‘Badgerys Creek stuff’ had been done he would have enough money to pay off his debts Badgerys Creek is the location of the western airport from Sydney

Maguire also hinted that his financial situation would be a factor in his decision to resign

William tells me we’ve made our deal, so hopefully that’s about half of all that’s gone

No, you haven’t. You don’t. Anyway, that’s good news, we’re moving forward

Berejiklian is asked by Icac lawyer Scott Robertson why she said she didn’t « need to know more »

Asked if she was trying to limit her exposure to details of her relationship Berejiklian said if she felt there was « wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Maguire ”, she would have reported

If I had considered anything to be a problem, I would have reported or addressed it, and I want to make it clear

It’s been an astounding morning in Icac, where Premier Gladys Berejiklian testifies to an investigation into Daryl Maguire, a disgraced NSW MP who left Parliament in 2018 following a corruption scandal

The Icac has previously heard that Maguire would earn at least $ 690,000 for helping « grease the wheels » in a land sale involving race heiress Louise Waterhouse and a Chinese development company, Country Gardens, in 2017

The plot of land was located near the Sydney West Airport Development Project Maguire was still a sitting MP at the time

Berejiklian was forced to appear after learning that Maguire had given his direct email address to Waterhouse

It’s about three hours after the start of an explosive hearing at the Independent Commission Against Corruption with New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian

This morning we heard the explosive revelation that Berejiklian had a « close personal relationship » with former Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire from around 2015 until his resignation from Parliament in 2018

NSW Icac is investigating allegations that Maguire abused his position as Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to improperly gain an advantage for himself or for G8way International, a company he « effectively controlled »

Gladys Berejiklian, Daryl Maguire, Independent Commission Against Corruption, Prime Minister, Liberal Party of Australia (New South Wales Division)

World News – AU – Icac live survey: Gladys Berejiklian faces questions about relationship with Daryl Maguire


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