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And now that the Super Netball regular season is over, we can wonder if the super shot was really successful

Fans are still divided on whether the new rule makes the game more exciting or if it encourages a messier style of play

This definitely keeps more games alive, with even 10 point margins that are easier to recover if a team has an accurate Long Bomb shooter in their ranks

But there is still a lot of debate about whether the excitement it generates is artificial, focusing too much attention on an attack on goal with a hot hand and ignoring the work done by the rest of the six players on the field during regular play

The majority of fans seem to be against the idea of ​​the super shot being brought back next year, but if it does, they argue that its shooting area should better reflect what constitutes long range at mid -distance, pushing the area closer to the edge of the circle, and actually justifies its two-point reward

The league is currently pulling together a range of data before making its recommendation to the committee on whether it will be reused in 2021

Super Netball chief executive Chris Symington told the ABC his main focus is to try and grow the sport and its audience; we hope to generate more fan engagement and business opportunities which will also increase player salaries

Symington acknowledged the outrage among players and fans in June, when the league introduced the rule six weeks before the start of the season, despite their repeated objections to the idea in polls carried out over several years

But he believes the data they’ve collected this season – especially on social media – has shown a shift in community views over time

« We did some social listening on Twitter in particular and sentiment around the two-point photo has actually improved over the year, » says Symington

« Now we see a really even division around the commentary as to whether it’s negative or positive and in some ways we don’t mind because it creates debate around the rule and some are for, some are against

Other key factors that will be taken into consideration include game data on the accuracy and impact of shooting in a game; the results of stakeholder surveys that were recently completed by high-level players, coaches and managers; and a comparison of the media coverage between the 2019 and 2020 season, to see if the super move generated additional exposure

But the crucial question is whether the two-point shooting was really successful in attracting new fans And this is something Symington admits is harder to measure

« Obviously, overall viewing stats are critical for us, but it’s hard to dig deep and see exactly if the super shot was the key to getting there, » he says.

« We’ve grown across all of our platforms this year and once the grand finale is over we’ll be doing more research through Nielsen, which will look at fan engagement and the rule’s impact on behavior. fans

« I think this will be a good opportunity to put them out and give people an overview of some of the metrics we’re looking at, why we introduced it in the first place, and if we continue with it. , why we think it’s the best thing for sport « 

As an Australian Diamond and Vice President of the Player’s Association, Jo Weston was very clear on how she felt about the super shot ahead of the start of the season, telling The Guardian: « There got so many bells and whistles on a bike before it became a clown car « 

Now that Weston has effectively played with the ruler for 14 rounds, the Melbourne defender Vixens has told the ABC she is still concerned about the wider implications this could have on the sport and whether it could open up valves for more tips and modifications Track

« I think Netball Australia and Channel Nine did a really good job of trying to generate some interest in what was a pretty short deadline, » she says

« But my feelings about this being a novelty item remain the same even now that people watch the game they get used to it So that excitement goes out the more you watch it « 

Weston also sits on the Super Netball Competition Committee, as one of the representatives of the player’s voice

Going forward, she thinks the super move could even have a flow effect when it comes to player salaries and a disproportionate amount of responsibility on the pitch.

« It’s probably worth noting that I play defense on the court, while I’m sure some shooters who have the ability to take long shots love that it increases their value in what they can. potentially earning as a salary, « she says

« They now have a skill that is worth more than any other position can bring to the field »

« Most members of the competition committee don’t want the super-hit period to be extended, because at least for the first ten minutes of each match, we play what is considered to be the international standard of the game. netball (except rolling subs and timeouts)

« But you can’t help but think that it will be a bit detrimental to our courses if it ends up crossing them and for the Australian team too… for our shooters and their exposure on the court »

We know the super shot helps teams come back from deficits that would likely have decided a game earlier in traditional netball

But has he really reduced the margins between the teams, to bring the games together this year overall?

The margins in each of last year’s regular season games totaled 479 goals – with an average margin of 86 goals per game

The highest winning margin in 2019 was 25 goals (Fever vs Lightning, round 2) and there were also six draws in total

This year, with the super shot in play, the margins for each of the regular season games were 438 points, an average of 78 points per game

The highest winning margin in 2020 was slightly higher with 28 goals (Vixens vs Firebirds, round 2) but there have been half the number of draws this year (three)

So while the games were only slightly closer in overall comparison to last season, it also reduced the number of draws

The league was supposed to introduce an overtime rule to try to reduce the number of draws it had this year

But they had to ditch that idea in the interests of shorter timelines with midweek matches in the hub and a focus on player welfare

So that raises the question of whether the league would prefer 12 overtime batches or fewer draws with the super shot in play.

The top three teams in the semi-finals this weekend are actually the teams that used the super shot the least

A team like the Giants embraced her wholeheartedly, scoring 6873 percent of their points in periods of two-point super shooting

Part of this is due to English shooter Jo Harten’s talent for a long bomb, with the highest number of shooting attempts and goals among any player in the league

But the team that was able to use it most accurately was the minor prime ministers, the Melbourne Vixens (5985%), who used it more sparingly

This Netball Scoop tweet shows where each of the teams would have placed if their super shots were counted as singles (next to their regular goals for the season)

As you can see, the order of the first four changes, but the result of the selection of the semi-finals

While the final verdict will likely depend on the number of viewers (which is expected to be released after the grand finale) and whether the super move had an impact on the game’s commercial growth, fan opinions are important

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World News – UA – Should super netball be brought back next year?


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