World News – UA – Kevin Rudd ‘disturbed’ by Epstein donation to think tank


After 13 months in prison, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein donated a total of $ 650,000 to an international think tank chaired by Kevin Rudd

It would apparently take more than a decade before the former Australian prime minister realized that Epstein, a wealthy American financier convicted of sex crimes, had donated the money to the International Institute of peace (IPI)

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that M Rudd was « blind » and « deeply disturbed » to learn that the think tank’s longtime chairman Terje Rød-Larsen had close ties to Epstein

M Rød-Larsen, who is friends with M Rudd, is just one of many elite figures to watch for pursuing a relationship with Epstein even as evidence has emerged of his troubling sex trafficking and abuse of underage girls

Former US President Bill Clinton, US President Donald Trump and Prince Andrew are among other men linked to Epstein

IPI started receiving donations from disgraced financier after he was convicted of pedophilia

Norwegian media outlet DN previously reported that M Rød-Larsen had borrowed $ 130,000 ($ 182,000) from Epstein in 2013

Three years later, in 2016, Mr. Rød-Larsen paid Epstein US $ 100,000 ($ 140,000) for his work on the Mongolian advisory board, internal IPI emails published in DN revealed

The council, which was facilitated by the IPI, was there to advise the President of Mongolia, in particular on regional and global peace and security

Epstein was arrested for trafficking underage girls and found dead in prison after apparent suicide in August 2019

Three months later, M Rudd « learned about contributions from Epstein’s foundations to the IPI, » he said in a statement to SMH on Wednesday evening

He continued, “M Rød-Larsen apologized to the Council for what he described as his serious error in judgment. I am deeply disappointed that the Council had to learn so much about this through the media « 

A press release issued in November 2019 indicated that an Epstein foundation had donated $ 375,000 ($ 531,000) to the IPI

M Rudd first joined the IPI in 2014, after leaving Parliament. teleconference participants ”

M Rudd was one of three politicians involved in Mongolia’s Advisory Council who were to receive $ 100,000 ($ 140,000)

He said he didn’t accept payment because he hadn’t done anything for the board since his arrival in 2014, SMH reported

M Rød-Larsen asked IPI staff to give the money to Epstein instead, according to an email obtained by DN

The emails read: « I had dinner with Kevin last night and he said we can keep his share

« For formalities we should send it to Jeff, but I’m sure we’ll get it several times! »

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World News – UA – Kevin Rudd « disturbed » by the donation ‘Epstein at the think tank



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