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Data scientists have gained a lot of notoriety in recent years among organizations For this week’s data scientist positions, we have selected 15 latest vacancies for the data scientist and data position senior scientists who just posted last week

Responsibilities: In this role, you will develop approaches to understand each customer and their behavior in order to deliver highly impactful personalized information for a continually improved payment experience You will contribute to the “productization” of analytical information in collaboration with the chefs product, end users, developers and other stakeholders to integrate data discoveries and processes into operational capabilities, etc.

Responsibilities: As a data scientist, you will be responsible for the development, management, reactive maintenance activities, etc. that require a higher level of development This candidate must ensure that the services provided to clients are continuously available and maintain the performance levels of the Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Responsibilities: As a Data Scientist (Associate), you will lead and manage data science projects, collaborating with sales, field engineers and the rest of the DataRobot team to identify the best possible resources for advance customer projects , among others

Responsibilities: In this role you will develop, improve and extend & NLP computer vision research capabilities and evaluate new / different approaches to business issues You will help the team build a scalable model with the infrastructure to do move these models from experimentation to production

Responsibilities: In this Data Science role you will be included in real-time projects You will gain insight into day-to-day business operations You will also generate in-depth technical expertise by working on the latest AI related projects and collaborate with like-minded innovators and community of AI residents, Shell experts, etc.

Responsibilities: Data scientists hired should have the ability to design analysis solutions to solve business problems, proficiency in R, SAS, SQL programming languages, experience in designing and managing  » a Business Intelligence or analysis process, etc.

Responsibilities: This position is ideal for candidates with strong research and technical implementation skills You will create and deploy computer vision solutions either at the edge of the cloud, experimenting with new ML algorithms adapted to business use cases, analyze the performance of models and associated business metrics and provide insights, etc.

Responsibilities: As a Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft, you will help create and extend signal-based cross-departmental protections using cutting-edge techniques spanning the areas of supervised and unsupervised machine learning In your daily work, you will analyze product telemetry, perform ML experiments, build ML pipelines and ship successful models to production.

Responsibilities: In this role, you will contribute to intellectual property and patents with innovation in automatic model generation and various algorithms such as NAS, meta-learning, transfer learning and model monitoring You will work with clients on critical AI deployment issues and solve with innovation, contribute to the company’s intellectual property and patent portfolio, etc.

Responsibilities: As a Senior Data Scientist at NetApp, you will understand, analyze and improve product pricing, SKU design and transaction processing of existing cloud offerings and upcoming innovations This role will also act as the primary operations liaison between product management teams and business operations.

Responsibilities: In this role, candidates hired will be responsible for understanding the business requirements and ensuring that the technical environment and the solution meet those requirements in the most efficient manner. Candidates will need to develop an in-depth understanding of the consultancy sales process, query the data stored in the MS Azure Data Science Lab and other secure locations, etc.

Responsibilities: In this role, you will lead D3 data science work delivered from Allstate India, on a variety of problems and apply creative solutions using the principles and practices of data science and machine learning, tempered by domain experience, leading to actionable recommendations You will also perform and evaluate trend analysis using basic mathematical concepts, formulas, models and techniques

Responsibilities: Responsibilities include building ML-based product pipeline and product platform, data mining, etc. You will improve data collection procedures to include appropriate data for building analytical systems, develop data models and custom algorithms to be applied to data sets, etc.

Responsibilities: You will work on machine learning frameworks and lead a team of data analysts and engineers to create and implement best-in-class, reusable and robust code and structures Your team of data scientists will be responsible for developing, deploying and testing machine learning models while the team of analysts will work on interpreting large datasets from databases. In addition, they will have to perform a statistical analysis of historical data to validate these models

Responsibilities: The role requires you to use various quantitative techniques such as machine learning, optimization, simulation, Bayesian techniques, etc. You will work with data scientists, machine learning engineers, and business users to build, deploy and scale data science solutions to matching and forecasting issues in Gojek that affect the database. company reference

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World News – AU – 15 Latest Data Science Jobs from Last Week


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